15Five Releases - Mar 14, 2019

Smart Groups now available in Manage Groups

Smart Groups is a fantastic feature; they are automatically managed groups, based on reviewer-reporter relationships. Each time a reporter joins a team or changes teams, the smart group is updated to reflect the change. Someone new joins your team, and just like magic, they're in your smart group... no admin required! 🧙‍♂️

Like a lot of magic, trying to make sense of it all can be tough. That's why we've added smart groups to 'Manage Groups'. (Now you know the method behind the magic trick!)

Within 'Manage Groups', you can filter and search to see only the groups that matter to you, including a new Smart Groups filter.

Not only can admins now see smart groups, but they can also manage these smart groups. Smart groups can be viewed and managed just like any other group. For more information on configuring a group's settings, see this article

Once you click on a group, you can see all the details of the group including the group members, and even edit the settings of that group. Turn on/off drill-down, group viewing, or company-wide questions.

NOTE: Management of smart group members is still automatic and cannot be manually changed. That means admins and reviewers cannot add people to a smart group that do not report to the reviewer. 

To learn more about the functionality of Smart Groups, see these articles:

Smart Groups

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