15Five Releases - March 27, 2019

2019 will be a big year for OKRs and your teams in 15Five! We have been reviewing your feedback, are making plans for some big improvements over the coming months, and are releasing some small but mighty improvements today.

To kick things off, we've focused on several small initiatives to make the critical quarter-to-quarter transition just a little bit smoother. Below are the seven improvements to make objective management and reporting a little less painful.

Bulk close or archive all 'Past due' objectives

100, 300, 500, or 1000 objectives for your company is a lot to manage come quarter end!!! How do you move on to a new quarter with so many past due (but still open) objectives? There has to be an easy way to close out all of those outdated objectives. Say no more; there is an easier way. Company admins can now close or archive all past due objectives with the click of a button. This action closes all past due objectives that are visible to the company admin, meaning private objectives that the admin cannot see will remain open. Additionally, this feature is all or nothing right now. Picking and choosing which objectives to bulk close is not yet a thing.

We plan to add more advanced bulk actions soon. In the meantime, we hope this makes life a little easier for company admins who are responsible for making sure hundreds or thousands of employees close out last quarter's objectives. This action can only be taken from the 'All objectives' page.


To learn more about bulk actions for objectives, see this article:

Bulk close or bulk archive all past due objectives


Limit permissions for creating departments to company admins only

Who created 'Happy Hour' as a department? How did 'We <3 Pizza' get in there? Can anyone just create a new department? In the past, yes, we allowed any employee to create a new department while creating a new objective. This caused some confusion and led to data inaccuracies, especially for our large customers.

No more free for all with creating departments! As of today, we have removed the department creation option from the create an objective screen, and only company admins can create departments from this page.

What this enhancement looks like from a reporter or reviewer perspective:


ADMINS- To learn more about creating departments, see this article:

Create a department


Alignment assistance during 'Create a new objective'

There can be hundreds of department and company-wide objectives to align to, which makes aligning your objective(s) tricky; accuracy is key. Aligning to the wrong objective can create confusion for everyone. Plus, the success behind the OKR methodology relies on objectives cascading from company-wide to department to individual. We have listened to your feedback and made several improvements to help employees select the right objective to align to:

  • Your manager's objectives are now listed at the top, as this alignment scenario is one of the most common. (See screenshot #1 below)
  • The list of objectives you can align with now contains more useful information, such as objective type and department name. We redesigned this long list to make it easier to skim through. (See screenshot #1 below)
  • You can now filter by objective type when selecting an objective to align with. (See screenshot #2 below)


To learn more about creating and aligning objectives, see these articles:

Create an objective

Align objectives with a parent objective


Notification preferences now available for Objectives

Do you get bombarded with emails about objectives every 3 months or so? At the end of the quarter, everyone is closing their objectives and creating new objectives, usually all at the same time. This leads to a large number of email notifications regarding objectives. We are here to help! You can now manage your notification preferences for Objectives from your profile page, just like you can for all of the other 15Five notifications. Your inbox will thank you. The image below shows the default settings for Objectives notifications. 


To learn more about setting notification preferences, see this article:

Manage my 15Five email notifications 


New + improved: "Objective has been closed" email notification 

Previously, our notifications regarding closed objectives were missing some key information. From the email, it was hard to tell who did what and to what objective. The new and improved email now includes the name of the person who closed the objective, as well as the name of the objective owner. Below is an example of one email that has been updated.



Show % completion and key result progress on Closed and Past due objectives

An objective is now past due, or maybe you closed it. You still want your completion for the key results and the objective to appear, even after closing. Objective and key result progress is just as important for past due and closed objectives, as it is for an active objective. This progress contains critical information, and before today, would disappear after the deadline passed or after the objective was closed. Now, key result progress and overall objective progress for closed and past due objectives will appear in 15Five check-ins, on the Objectives pages, and in custom reports.

From a 15Five check-in


From the 'Objectives' tab


From within custom reports


To learn more about updating objectives, see these articles:

Update the status of an objective 

Who can update key results and for whom can they update?

Close and assess an objective


Collapse/expand objectives in custom report preview

Custom reports on Objectives can be rather lengthy! When running these custom reports, sometimes you want to just see the high-level overview, and other times you want to see all the details of key results and child objectives. Good news- we are giving you the option to collapse or expand your Objectives custom report with one click!


To learn more about running a custom report, see this article:

Pull a custom report


Woo hoo! There's more where that came from...Stay tuned for additional Objectives enhancements coming your way in 2019!

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