15Five Releases - Apr 30, 2019

Pulse Question

The Pulse question is one of the most important aspects of a 15Five check-in. This question encourages employees to reflect on how they felt at work during the reporting period. Responses to the Pulse question are typically the first signal a manager receives in regards to things going well at work vs issues on the horizon.

The current Pulse question has been around for years. 'How did you feel this week?' is broad and sometimes confusing for new reporters.

💥 Time for an update!💥 (...and we don't make this change lightly.) The decision behind updating the Pulse question comes from feedback, research, and science. The goal is to ask a specific question that helps employees reflect on their week at work, while also providing valuable feedback for managers. 

How did you feel at work this week?

Our new Pulse question is designed to provide more clarity for your employees, helping them understand what is being asked, which ultimately leads to more clarity for your managers. 

In addition to the science and research we conducted, our new question now conforms to the State of California labor laws. ⚖️


Pulse Reporting

As an additional notification and reminder, we've added a note to the Pulse dashboard that will reflect the date that the Pulse Question changed. 

For CSV downloads, we will show the question as it was asked on the 15Fives for the time period selected; ie if a report is run for Pulse answers from the last month, the question will show as 'How did you feel this week?' instead of 'How did you feel at work this week?', since the updated question did not exist last month. You'll be able to accurately report on Pulse answers from both before and after the change.  

For more information on Pulse, take a look at this article:

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