15Five Releases - June 18, 2019

Our Product Team receives many feature requests each day. Wanna hear a common one that led us to this release? If you guessed the ability to report on the progress of objectives over time, you would be a WINNER!!! 🏆 Although we haven't developed these historical reports in app yet, we do have a new API option that should create some excitement in the interim. 

OK, OK... time for the details. With today's release, you now have the option to pull a historical report through the API that gives you easy access to the details of all updates made to objectives and key results. The data exported will help you better understand the progress of objectives and key results over time.

You can already create your own OKR reports using our Objectives API feature. In addition to the above enhancement, we've also made several improvements to the existing Objectives API report to make sure you have access to all OKR data.

API- Objective History List 

The history > list API option for Objectives gives you a report containing all changes made to objectives and key results. For example, you can pull data on key result creation and change details (including changes to KR progress), changes to due dates and owners, comments, and much more.

The history > list data will look similar to the below:


API- All Objectives

The read and list API options for Objectives now return complete user details, including the owner’s full name and email address, in addition to the user ID. Child (aligned) objectives are also included in the read and list options.

For information on Objectives specific API data, see below:

For a full list of available API data, please see the public API documentation and the Success Center article on our API integration.

Our Product Team is working on improving Objectives reporting within the app. We have lots of amazing releases for Objectives coming this year; you aren't going to want to miss them! For now, we hope this helps close the gap a little. 

Time to go out there and show those objectives who's boss!


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