15Five Releases - July 9, 2019

Another day here in paradise, and we have some fun-filled releases today surrounding 15Fives and 1-on-1s! So buckle up, and keep reading... 🚘

Marking 15Fives as reviewed and Ending 1-on-1s

Have you reviewed an entire 15Five, but for some reason it is still showing as unreviewed? Or have you forgotten to end a 1-on-1, and realized it a week later?

Well, we've got you covered. With today's update reviewing 15Fives and ending 1-on-1s is a little more user-friendly. To ensure that 15Fives have been reviewed properly and that 1-on-1s are being ended after the meeting is held, we've improved placement of these two buttons; 'Mark as reviewed' and 'End 1-on-1'.

You will notice that the 'Mark as reviewed' button is frozen on the bottom your screen as you scroll through and review your direct report's 15Five. Use this button to take the final step in reviewing a 15Five. If you do not click this button, the 15Five will remain unreviewed.


The same applies to the 'End 1-on-1' button- it remains at the bottom of your page as you scroll. If the button is not clicked, the 1-on-1 will remain open.


New email reminders

Finish reviewing a 15Five

Still didn't mark that 15Five reviewed? No need to worry, we will send you an email reminder. If a 15Five has been viewed but not "marked as reviewed", an email reminder will be sent to the manager responsible for reviewing that 15Five the following day. If the report is still not marked as reviewed after five days, we send one more friendly reminder. 


End a 1-on-1 that is still open

We've also added an email reminder if you have forgotten to end a 1-on-1. If a 1-on-1 is not ended the day after its scheduled date, an 'End 1-on-1' email reminder will be sent.


Removing and Favoriting 1-on-1s

The 'My 1-on-1s' page can become overwhelming and contain a lot of data. This is especially true since we released the 1-on-1s with Anyone feature, giving people the ability to hold 1-on-1s with anyone in the organization.

Today we are giving you some freedom when it comes to customizing your 1-on-1 page. πŸ§žβ€β™€οΈ You can now control who you want to, and don't want to, see on your list of 1-on-1s.

Just had a one-off 1-on-1? You can now easily remove that person from the 1-on-1s list. Removing does not equal deleting. By removing, you are simply removing the 1-on-1s with that person from view. If you remove a 1-on-1 by accident, create a new 1-on-1 with that person and the old list will appear.

Conversely, you can favorite 1-on-1s with the people you hold regular meetings with. Have a co-worker that you meet with every week? 🌟 for them. Have a second manager that you report to once a month? 🌟 for them. These starred people will appear at the top of your 'My 1-on-1s' page.


NOTE ✏️ : In order for these options to appear, the 1-on-1s with anyone feature must be turned on in your settings.

1-on-1s API

It is our goal to provide customers access to all their data through APIs, Reports, and Downloads. This is the driving force behind the new 1-on-1 API option. Now you can pull list and read data for 1-on-1s through the API.

The read and list API options for 1-on-1s returns complete details for both participating parties. These details include full names for both participants and email addresses, in addition to the user IDs and roles in 15Five. The list option returns all 1-on-1 objects for all users within the company. You can filter the list by created/scheduled/ended date range, user id, type (with anyone/manager-reporter), group id. The read option returns 1-on-1 object using the 1-on-1 id.

For information on 1-on-1 specific API data, see below: 

For a full list of available API data, please see the public API documentation and the Success Center article on our API integration.

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