15Five Releases - July 25, 2019

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Your friends at 15Five... again. 🤓 Here to deliver some snazzy changes to the Objectives feature. 

Rename 'Objectives' and 'Key results' using your terms

Objective? What's an objective? We call those goals. And key results... those are targets. 🤔 Many prospective and current customers have requested the ability to rename the Objectives feature and change the terms 'Objective' and 'Key Result' to align with their company's lingo. Some customers follow a slightly different goal setting methodology, or have invested resources into rebranding their own custom flavor of OKRs. In this release, we are introducing the ability to rename all instances of 'Objective' and 'Key result' in the application. 

Admins can change the terms ‘Objective’ and ‘Key Result’ from the Objectives settings page in the Manage features menu. When the changes have been saved, all instances of the terms ‘Objective’ and ‘Key Result’ will update immediately. The change will occur in the web and mobile applications, as well as all reporting options. You really can have it your way. 🍔

NOTE ✏️ : Mobile users will see this change upon closing and re-opening the app.




View objectives in a flat view (vs the existing nested view)

Buckle up- overhaul of the Objectives feature has begun. 🚘 This release is just the beginning of a whole slew of improvements. These improvements will help you more effectively find objectives in your Objectives tab. In this first release we are:

1️⃣ Adding a flat (non-nested) view to make filtering more accurate and to make viewing objectives simpler

Flat view on the Objectives page allows customers to filter more accurately by excluding parent and child objectives that may not fit the selected filters. In the flat view, all objectives that match the selected filter are shown in one list, alphabetically. The nested view is still an option for times when understanding parent/child relationships are more important than filter accuracy.

NOTE ✏️ : Flat view is not available on the Departments tab; only visible on Company-wide, By owner, All objectives tabs.

Flat view


Nested view


2️⃣ Redesigning the way we show progress on both objectives and key results

New progress bars on both objectives and key results visually highlight progress over status. So instead of having green, yellow, and red buttons for status, we are now including the color in the progress bar. You will also notice that key results starting and target values have been exposed. All of this should lead to a better understanding of your objectives. 


3️⃣ Simplifying the way we sort objectives

No more complicated sorting for Objectives! Objectives are now sorted alphanumerically. Numbers will be at the top of the lists. Hint: Start the title of your most important objectives with a number to simulate priority and to have them appear at the top of your lists.


📣 We are working on additional improvements to Objectives and hope to release more soon! These future releases include completely redesigned filters (including the ability to filter by your team's or group's objectives), deep linking to easily share sets of filtered objectives, keyword search from the Objectives tabs, better visibility for key results that belong to others, and advanced sorting options. Get excited!

For more information on these changes to the Objectives feature, take a look at these articles:

Renaming Objectives and Key Results

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