15Five Releases - August 6, 2019

Today is Tuesday, August 6th. What does this mean? Well, 1- You're doing things and are capable of being awesome! 2- We have a couple of releases to make reporting in 15Five a little smoother. 😆

Export as XLSX for Excel 

Our customers have wanted to view data in different downloadable formats, and exporting as a CSV has long been available. While CSV exports are great, we recognize that the majority of the business world uses Excel as the standard. So, for all our Excel fans out there... Today, we're adding XLSX as a standard download format for all reports. 🙌🏽 

All downloadable reports are now available in both CSV and XLSX as we continue to see an increase in the usage of reporting. As you are viewing the report you want to export, you will see a download button that expands and gives you CSV and XLSX options.


Best-Self Review™ API

As part of our goal to provide you with access to your data, we're releasing a new API for Best-Self Review. With this API you'll be able to retrieve all your review cycles and the cycle data to both analyze and share the results of your Best Review Cycle outside of 15Five. We hope this new API option makes the Reviews feature more value and encourages continued usage.

The list, read, and reviews > list  API options for Review cycles all return different information on a specific review cycle.

  • The list option returns a list of 15Five's review cycles within the company. You can filter the list by creation/start/end date range, user id, and group id.
  • The read option allows you to pull information about a specific cycle including settings, deadlines, participants, and the status of their reviews.
  • The reviews > list option returns all 15Five's reviews for all users within the company. You can filter the list by cycle id, due date range, user id and completeness.

For a full list of available API data, please see the public API documentation and the Success Center article on our API integration.

For more information on these changes and how to take action, take a look at these specific articles:


Download report as XLSX (for Excel)


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