15Five Releases - September 10, 2019

Hey 15Fivers! It's Tuesday, and we love Tuesdays. Tuesdays are for releases. Tuesdays are for giving the people what they want!

Objectives: Keyword search and sort options

Have you ever wondered how many objectives contain the word "revenue"? Maybe there is another common word that you want to search for. What if you could sort objectives by which objectives have the least progress? From the 'All objectives' page, you can now search these terms using the new search bar. Also from the 'All objectives' page, you can sort objectives, not just alphabetically, but by due date, last updated date, creation date, and overall progress percentage.

Keyword search for objectives and key results

You can search for any keyword, and 15Five will return a list of objective(s) and/or key result(s) with that word in the title! Type the keyword into the search bar and hit enter. The word will appear highlighted in all objectives and key results that match. If the result is found in a key result title, the objective will be expanded to show the key result.

NOTE ✏️ : The keyword search will only search the objectives that match the filters you have chosen at the top of the page. 


Sort options for objectives

By default, objectives are sorted alphanumerically. With this release, you are now able to sort by due date, last updated date, creation date, and progress percentage. Again, note that this sort will only apply to the objectives that are currently being displayed.



For more information on searching and sorting, see this article:

Search and sort objectives


🚨Early Adopter release alert 🚨

We would like to share some exciting news with you! There are additional features related to finding objectives set to be released to all customers on October 22 (this is a target date). However, we would like to invite any Plus customer to test out these new features starting today, in exchange for your feedback to make the final release that. much. better. If you would like to learn more about these Early Adopter releases and how to have them turned on for your company, see this article


We have said this before, and it won't be the last time we do... There is more where THAT came from in the coming weeks and months. We plan to make finding objectives and manipulating objective data as easy as possible. 

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