15Five Releases - October 22, 2019

📣 The end of the year is fast approaching! Allow us to step in and make this quarter the best of 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣. We have a few upgrades to Objectives and an exciting new integration for 1-on-1s. You won't want to miss this! 

Finding Objectives- Filter, Search, and More

The time has come where you can filter, search, and share for your company’s objectives in a more insightful way. The more objectives you have, the harder it is to find and report on what you need. We want to help! To do so, we added some cool new options. 

New filters for Objectives

On the Objectives page, you will see new filter options. Use these filters to reduce noise and drill down to specific criteria. With this new functionality, people will have a better understanding of what objectives and key results others are working on. The change also increases team and cross-functional communication towards common goals.


Below are the new filter options for Objectives.

  • Advanced Objective Owner filter: See not only what one individual is working on, but also any manager’s direct reports or hierarchy, members of any group, or a combination of any number of people and groups. You can even include Key Results on Objectives owned by other people!
  • Updated Objective Type filter: You can now include or exclude specific types to reduce noise and focus in on only the types of objectives that are relevant. For example, filter by all types except self-development, or only company-wide and department.
  • Objective status: End of quarter is approaching and you want to check in with people whose objectives are 'At risk'. Use this filter to see only objectives that match a certain status.
  • Alignment: Quickly filter to see all objectives that are unaligned to find out which employees still need to align their objectives.
  • Start and end date filter:  Want to do a retrospective of the performance of last quarter’s objectives? Now you can, by filtering to that quarter’s dates.  Objectives starting on or after the start date and ending on or before the end date. You can also filter using one of the two dates to find objectives starting on or after the start date OR to find objectives ending on or before the end date.
  • New Objective states: You can now identify all objectives that are past due, all future objectives, or all objectives that are still open.
TIP 💡: Use additive filtering to make your search more specific. For example: Owned by me AND owned by my direct reports AND are Current AND all types except self-development.


Export as CSV

There is now an option to download a CSV of the objectives that match your search criteria. No need to run a custom report if you've already nailed down the objectives you want to report on. The export will only include the objectives that match the filters. 

Find the 'Export as CSV' option at the top of the Objectives summary section.



Share link to specific search/filter results

You came. You saw. You filtered... now what? If the results of your search need to be shared with others, use the 'Share link' button. Sharing the link will direct them to the same exact page you're viewing (assuming they have visibility into all the same objectives). This option makes it easy to create a filter view that can be used by multiple people. 

The 'Share link' option is also found at the top of the Objectives summary section. See the screenshot above. 


Include key results on others' objectives

Before today, the only place people could go to see all objectives AND all key results that they owned was their 15Five. Similarly, if you wanted to see all objectives and key results that your direct reports owned, that was even harder. These issues are things of the past... 👋🏿 We have developed a way to see these collaborative key results in the Objectives tab, as well as in each person's Profile. Also improved is the display of these collaborative key results within the 15Five check-in.

Use the 'Include key results on others’ objectives' option to show or hide key results that are owned by the people in your Objective owner filter. 


NOTE ✏️: Keyword search and sorting is related to these new Objectives features as well, but was released in September. For more information on searching and sorting objectives, see this article

For more information on these changes and how to take action, take a look at these specific articles:

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Export Objectives as a CSV 


Google Calendar + 1-on-1s integration

👀 You read that right.... 15Five now allows you to integrate with Google Calendar and schedule 1-on-1s directly from the app. First, an admin will need to activate the Google Calendar integration from their 'Integrations' page. The integration is active, let the scheduling begin! 

Access any current 1-on-1 agenda, click 'Schedule 1-on-1', and wha-lahhhh! 

NOTE ✏️: The first time you schedule a 1-on-1 after the integration is set up, you will need to allow 15Five permission to access your Google Calendar. You will be prompted to do so after clicking on 'Schedule 1-on-1'.


When you schedule a 1-on-1, the other person will receive a Google meeting invite. Think about all the meeting requests you get- that is what the 1-on-1 invite will look like. 15Five will talk to Google Calendar, send the invite, add the event to the calendar, and remind both parties of the meeting.

If the meeting is declined, an alert will be sent to the requestor in Google. If the meeting time is changed in Google Calendar, 15Five will not update accordingly. If changes are necessary, try to make them from within 15Five.

We will continue building out this integration to allow moving dates and times, including links to the 1-on-1 agenda, allowing for Zoom or video conferencing links to be included, etc. For now, think about this as a one way street between 15Five and Google Calendar. A very snazzy and newly paved one-way street, nonetheless! 🛣

For more information on setting up this integration and interacting with the scheduler, take a look at these specific articles:

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