15Five Releases - October 24, 2019

Bonjour.:wave::skin-tone-4: Guten Tag.:wave::skin-tone-6: Konnichiwa. :wave::skin-tone-2: More product updates comin' right up! The updates for today are related to our Best-Self Review™ feature. The goal is to make interacting with the Overview and main cycle page a smoother, more logical experience. Here are the updates:

Peer nomination status report

*Cue the happy dance!*:man_dancing::skin-tone-3: Review admin now have visibility into the peer nomination process through a downloadable report. And not just high level visibility- review admin can see exactly where each nomination is in the process (pending, approved, declined, accepted, denied, or deleted) and who they need to reach out to in order to keep the process moving. Just as in other areas of 15Five, you have the option to download in two formats: CSV or XLSX. No need to contact Support to get a grasp on peers nominations!


For more information on how to download the 'Peer nomination status' report, see this article

Consolidating 'Download' menus

*Calling all download options. Report for duty in the top download menu.* As of today, all review based reporting for a specific cycle can be found nested under the top download button. Previously, there were three different download menus, two of which were confusing in their position on the page and in expected result. With all download options in one menu, it is easy to find and download the desired report. Again, all downloads are available in CSV or XLSX format. 

Download options are:

  • Full progress report- contains all information on the cycle including answers
  • Peer nomination status- contains details on the status on each peer nomination
  • Participants progress tracker- contains details on reviews OF participants
  • Review writers progress tracker- contains details on who needs to write reviews

'Participants' and 'Review writers' filters

We renamed the 'Being reviewed' filter to 'Participants' since you had to be a participant in order to be reviewed. The term "participant" means people who are participating in a review cycle and having reviews written OF them. We renamed the 'Writing reviews' filter to 'Review writers' since this filter shows all people who are responsible for writing a review(s). Hopefully these label changes are more logical and require a little less scratching of the head. 


Reordering of filters on Overview page

If you're viewing a specific cycle page, you might notice that we swapped the places of a couple filters. Before today, the labels looked like this (first 'Me' filter, then 'Participants' filter):


As of today, the labels look like this (first 'Participants' filter, then 'Me' filter):


With the order switched, the filter selection is more natural. First, state whether you are looking for participants in the cycle or review writers for the cycle. Second, decide how broad or specific you want your view to be; ie 'Me', 'My team', 'My hierarchy', 'Whole company'. This change should help nail down the people whose progress is needing to be tracked. 

Another way to access 'Manage participants'

We added an additional path to the 'Manage participants' page for an active cycle. The additional access point should reduce confusion and save some clicking. From your Review cycles page, you can use the '...' button to the far right of the cycle name to manage participants.


For upcoming cycles, you now have a 'View participants' option instead of 'Manage'. We changed this wording because there is no such thing as a 'Manage participants' page until a cycle has begun. Before a cycle begins, you can view the cycle participants or you can edit the cycle settings to change the 'Who is included' option. A little clean up of the ol' labeling, if ya know what we mean... :face_with_cowboy_hat:


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