Enable objective creation for group types

Group types can be Squads, Departments, Teams, Locations, etc.If the group type is 'Mammals', a group could be 'Dogs' or 'Cats'. These group types and the groups within may need Objectives assigned to them. Let's say you want to create 'Squads' objectives, but you don't want 'Locations' to have objectives. You can control which group types objectives can be created for from your 'Manage features'>'Objectives' page. 

Before you enable/disable Objectives, make sure you have Group types and Groups set up.



Only account administrators can enable/disable Objectives for group types.

Enable/disable Objectives for certain group types:

1. Click on the Settings menu at the upper right corner of your 15Five account.


2. Select Features from the dropdown menu.


3. Click on 'Objectives'. 


4. Click on the 'Objective types' tab in the top navigation bar.


5. Use the toggle to the right of the group type to enable/disable objective creation for that group type.


6. Save your changes.




Objectives cannot be enabled for the default group type 'Groups'.

What does this mean for objective creation?

When creating an objective, you will be prompted to choose what type of objective it is under the "Who is this objective for?" section.


If you choose "A group", an additional dropdown menu will appear that allows you to select a specific group. The group type drop-down menu will only contain group types whose Objectives toggle is 'On'.


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