15Five Releases - December 10, 2019

If this release were a present.... it would be in a small box. It would be a present that you have been wanting. It would be one that makes your life as a 15Five administrator easier. It would be the practical gift that you still want to use even after the new year. 😆

New 'Billing administrator' role

Before today, admin permissions were all or nothing. There was no way to give someone access to manage billing without giving them free rein to the company's features and settings. With the new 'Billing admin' role, you can make anyone a billing administrator which limits their permissions to Billing only functions. Keep reading for the specifics regarding 'Account admin' vs 'Billing admin'.

Account administrators can create/modify questions company-wide, manage users, edit user 15Five due dates, edit users' profiles, reactivating/deactivating users, manage billing information, create group types and groups, edit group settings, and manage all company features and settings. They can also pull custom reports based on hierarchy and follow settings from the Reporting tab. There can be multiple admins within a company. Look into an account admin's 15Five account. ⤵️


Click here for a list of your company's current account admins.

Billing administrators can handle invoices (including past invoices), preferences + plan (including deactivating the company account), and update the billing contact. Billing administrators will see a 'Billing' option on their left navigation under the 'Company' header in 15Five. They will not see the option to 'Manage features', 'Export company data', or run a 'Security audit'. Look into a billing admin's 15Five account. ⤵️


NOTE ✏️: Billing administrators do not have to be account administrators, but account administrators are given 'Billing' permissions automatically. 

To give someone billing admin permissions, go into their profile, and find the 'Permissions' section at the bottom. Then you will click on the 'Billing administrator' checkbox and save. 


Now Cousin Eddie doesn't have more permissions than he needs... And more importantly, no more Cousin Eddie created questions randomly appearing on 15Fives. 🎁

For more information on the two admin roles and how to take action, see these articles:

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