15Five Releases - December 17, 2019

Another week has come and gone. Another release is ready as we say goodbye to 2019 and hello to 2020! Below is an enhancement to deck your 15Five halls. 🌲🎁🔔

Slack notifications for 15Five 

Ever feel like 15Five email notifications are cluttering up your inbox? Or maybe you want some notifications to be instant so you can take immediate action and some notifications to be sent to your email? Yes? Well, us too. With this addition to notifications, you can pick and choose which notifications you want sent to you via Slack and which notifications you want sent to you via email. 🙀

Assuming your company has an active Slack integration, you have an additional option for how your 15Five notifications are delivered. From your 'My account' page under the 'Notifications' tab, you will see the option to receive emails and/or Slack messages for each 15Five notification. Choose the email + Slack combination that works for you! Everyone can manage their own notification settings, regardless of role in 15Five. 


Tis the season to be jolly.... 🤙🏾 

For more information on the Slack enhancement, see these articles: 

Manage my 15Five notifications



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