15Five Releases - January 28, 2020

Hello! It's us again, 15Five. Earlier this month, we had a company retreat in Palm Springs, CA. The retreat was magical and we met up with teammates from around the world. Since then, we have been hard at work.... without further ado, back to your regularly scheduled Product Releases. 🎬

Use 'Start date' to delay invites

Adding people to your 15Five account, but aren't quite ready for them to join? Have a plethora of new hires starting in 2 weeks and want to get them in 15Five beforehand? Now you can. 📆 With the addition of start dates in 15Five, reviewers and admins have a quick and easy way to delay invites when adding new people. Whether you are inviting from 'Manage people' or 'Bulk import', there is an option to add in a start date for each person. 


Screenshot was taken from https://my.15five.com/account/add/Add in a future start date and when that day comes, 15Five will send an invitation to the person(s). Leave the start date field blank, and invites will be sent immediately (how the system works today). 

This also means that 15Five check-ins will not be created or due before your people log in and get ramped up in 15Five! 

⏳ Coming very soon: SCIM and BambooHR integrations will be able to communicate start dates to 15Five as well. 

For more information, see the following articles:

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