15Five Releases - February 4, 2020

"All great days start with coffee...and a 15Five release." -Anonymous

But, really- we've got another edition of 'Permissions for Objectives' today!

Allow others to update/edit objectives

The ability to create "team objectives" was a popular request in 2019. Customers asked for the ability to have multiple owners on a single objective. Maybe a few executive members in the 'Sales' group needed to be able to update all objectives owned by members of the 'Sales' group, for example. The problem is (was) that objectives could only be owned (and therefore edited) by one member of the group. ⛔️ Or maybe a Product Manager was collaborating on an objective with an Engineering Manager. They both needed the ability to manage the objective, but only one of them could be the objective owner and have editing ability. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe... ⛔️ You see the need.

We now have an option that allows other groups or people to update/edit specified objectives in addition to the objective owner. 👏👏👏 Yessir. Access to edit objectives can be granted by that objective’s owner. 🧞‍♂️ Just have an account admin enable the 'Who has the permission to update and edit my objectives?' setting in your company settings.


After the setting is enabled, permission is given during the create an objective process. Access to edit can also be given by editing the objective and adding in the desired group/person as editors.


NOTE ✏️: Objectives that you have been given access to edit will not appear on your 15Five Check-in. You will not receive a notification that you have been added as an editor. The objectives you are able to edit will need to be accessed via the 'All objectives' page.

We are currently working on notifications, filters to help spot which objectives you can edit, and much more. For now, when you allow someone editing access, mention them in the activity feed on the objective's main page. Let them know they have access to edit and get to work! 🤙🏾


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