15Five Releases - February 20, 2020

Mercury is in retrograde and it's got us over here reflecting. 🤔 Speaking of reflecting... my 15Five is due tomorrow. Speaking of 15Fives, we have a release that will make setting and maintaining priorities more user friendly. Without further ado.

Flexible priorities

The 'Priorities' feature went through a redesign and was made more flexible in light of research on the "fresh start effect". This research suggests allowing employees to adjust and set additional goals on Monday instead of Friday. Why? If you are filling out your 15Five after a busy week, it might be hard to think about and set priorities for the upcoming week. And when you do create priorities at the beginning of the week, you may need the ability to remove, edit, or add. It makes perfect sense and aligns with the latest science, which is why we are making Priorities more flexible!! 🧘🏼‍♀️

One last thing: Social science research shows that the most effective goal setting happens at the beginning of the week, rather than at the end. Employees who set goals on Monday (a fresh start) instead of Friday increase the likelihood for goal achievement.  


When filling out your 15Five, you will see two questions related to your priorities. First, "Mark priorities from your past 15Five as complete". This section is where you monitor the status of the priorities that were added on your previous 15Five. Feel free to edit or remove those- yep, this is new. 😲 You can also add another priority for the current check-in by clicking on 'Add a new priority'. All priorities in this section are fully editable. Second, "What do you intend to accomplish between now and your next report?". This is where you can add priorities for the coming report if you already have some in mind. These priorities can also be edited or removed- yep, this is new too. 😲 If you want to add another priority for your upcoming reporting period, click 'Add a new priority'. 

NOTE ✏️: The prompts "Mark priorities from your past 15Five as complete" and "What do you intend to accomplish between now and your next report?" are editable by account admins. If your 15Five has different prompts, the first prompt is for the current reporting period. The second is for the upcoming reporting period. 


Between added flexibility and an upcoming revamp of reporting on Priorities, we hope reporters, reviewers, and account admins can all take advantage of this updated functionality. 🕺🏽💃🏽🧟‍♀️

Group types for SCIM customers

Previously, we released a feature called 'Group types'. Prior to that release, we realized that group types for SCIM customers needed a little more work. 🛠 We went back to the drawing board and now we're ready!

Assuming you read a little about group types, let's get to how they work with SCIM. In terms of attributes, group ID is the attribute that 15Five reads from SCIM. Groups can be moved to a new group type (manually, via CSV, or via API) in 15Five and SCIM syncs will not override the group type because the group ID itself hasn't changed.

High-level overview of the group and group type process for SCIM customers: 

1️⃣ Group types will be created in 15Five by an account admin. 2️⃣ All groups will be synced from SCIM (or be synced again, if SCIM groups are already being synced). 3️⃣ Account admins will need to move the groups into their respective group types manually, either in-app, via CSV, or via API. Existing Objectives departments will be added as groups under the group type 'Departments'. If you would like to move the departments to another group type, feel free. Existing groups will be housed in the group type 'Groups'. If you would like to move those groups to another group type, feel free. 4️⃣ Once the groups are housed in the correct group type, they will stay there until manually moved in 15Five again. SCIM updates will not move the group into another group type. 5️⃣ As new groups are created in SCIM, they will be synced into the group type 'Groups' by default. 6️⃣ Account admins will need to move the new groups into their respective types. 7️⃣ Group members will continue to be updated from SCIM- regardless of group type.

If an existing group and department need to be combined, this action will need to be taken in SCIM and then 15Five will update accordingly. 

TL;DR: Group types within 15Five do not talk to SCIM. SCIM does not talk to 15Five about group types. SCIM talks to 15Five from a group ID perspective (ie creating a group, naming a group, adding or removing members, deleting a group). The group type organization and maintenance is manually done in 15Five alone (ie creating a new group type, moving to a group type, enabling features per group type). 

For more information about these two releases, check out the below articles:

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