15Five Releases - February 11, 2020

Wowza! Today's release is out of this world. If you're a review admin, manager, or individual contributor, this one's for you. (Yes, that means there is a little something for everyone.)💥

Competency Assessment in Best-Self Review™

What we didn't do? 🙅🏾‍♂️ Performance ratings and 9-box grid systems just don't work. Ratings reduce employee performance to a single number, leading to highly biased and inaccurate data; and the 9-box grid creates a culture of fixed mindsets and triggers the threat system in an individual by assessing their potential. Cue the need for a solution that provides objective, actionable, and well-rounded data on how an individual is performing, aka 'Competency assessment'.

What we did do. 👏🏻 The Competency Assessment is a research-backed approach to gauge an individual’s skills and behaviors that drive performance. This assessment, in conjunction with the Private Manager Assessment, gives people the ability to objectively and more holistically measure performance over time, identify skills and perception gaps, and enhances transparency in the review process.

TIP 💡: The Private Manager Assessment section of the manager review works to reduce the idiosyncratic rater bias. Adam Grant recommends companies triangulate the Private Manager Assessment (the Deloitte questions in the default self+manager template) with as many objective measures of both results and behaviors as possible. Resources for Your Review (which includes past 15Fives, Objectives, etc...) helps to ensure the Private Manager Assessment is triangulated with as many Objective results as possible. The Competency Assessment helps to ensure the Private Manager Assessment is triangulated with as many behaviors as possible. This process (the private manager assessment triangulated with both results and behaviors) helps to ensure a more objective and fair review.

Why use competencies?

  • Create a more holistic, objective view of a person’s performance over time by focusing on the “how” — the skills and behaviors that drive it
  • Provide clarity and transparency into how performance is measured
  • Identify top and at-risk performers in the company
  • Identify perception gaps and areas for growth

Create competencies for a cycle

Competencies are created the same way that company values are created- by review admins, on the 'Manage features'>Best-Self Review page. Add competencies via the Manage features page before jumping to your question template(s), or add your competencies while creating your template. Competency answers have a flexible and customizable 3 to 7 point opinion scale. You can add anywhere from 3 to 9 competencies per question template. Competencies can be group-specific or for all participants.


The 'Competency assessment'

After reviews have been submitted, the Competency Assessment results will begin to populate the 'My results', 'Team's results', and 'Company's results' pages. The results/assessment is designed to capture quantitative data without the use of numerical ratings. 

An individual’s view of their performance in the 'My Results' tab summarizes the qualitative and quantitative results from their Best-Self Review™, including answers on top strengths, growth & development, and competencies. Employees are empowered with data so they can have more meaningful dialogue with their manager about their growth and performance.


Via the 'Team's results' page, managers can view their team’s Competency Assessment results along with Private Manager Assessment data on how many people are ready for promotion or at-risk in performance. This page shows the Competency Assessment results across their team, so that they can see what areas their team is strongest in and areas in which they need to develop.


At the company level, review admin have visibility into all Private Manager Assessment data, including what percentage of their organization is ready for a promotion and what percent are at-risk performers, along with summarized results of the most common competencies in the organization. Review admin sees all data from the review cycle and can filter by people or questions. There is also a downloadable report with the results.


NOTE ✏️: Managers and review admins can also download a report that includes a column of competencies and a column of competency scores from the 'Team's results' or 'Company's results' pages.

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