15Five Releases - February 27, 2020

It is a beautiful day for a product release. We have an additional Objectives release for you. If you liked the previous Objectives releases, you will like this one too. 👌🏾 

Following Objectives

You want visibility into other's objectives, do ya? You want to follow an objective's progress even you don't own the objective or key results yourself? You are working on a project with a few other people and want to be notified when updates are being made? If you had visibility into these objectives and were alerted to changes in the objectives as they are made, it would ensure that these objectives stay top of mind. 

With the above information in mind, today we release the 'Following Objectives' feature. Account admins can enable this setting on the 'Manage features'>>>'Objectives'>>>'Settings' page. Once the feature is turned on, anyone with the Objectives feature enabled for them can follow any objective that they have permission to view. Following Objectives are a great addition for highly collaborative teams and companies.

Public objectives can be followed by anyone with Objectives access.

15Five permissions and Specific people/Private objectives can be followed by anyone who has permission to view the objective and has Objectives access.

To follow an objective, first, open up the objective's details page. Look to the left of the objective details, in the 'Objective followers' box, and click 'Follow'. 


NOTE ✏️: Objectives that you follow have their own tab on the 'All objectives' page. 

Additionally, we have a section for notifications regarding 'Following Objectives' on your 'Manage notifications' page. 


Now you never have to miss out on anything regarding objectives- whether you own it or not! 

For more information on this release, see the below articles:

Enable/disable Following Objectives

Follow an objective


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