15Five Releases- March 17, 2020

Whether you are working from home 🏡, working from the office 🏢, or working from some where in-between 🏕, we're bringing this week's releases to you! Additional flexibility has been added to the Objectives feature and the Best-Self Review™ feature- specifically question templates. Keep reading for more information.

Enable 'Objectives' feature only for specific people or groups

If your company is new to 15Five or new to the OKR methodology, restricting the Objectives feature to only certain groups or individuals could be beneficial for the first little while. Setting and maintaining OKRs can take several quarters for an entire organization to grasp. In order to help with this ramping up process, account admins now have the ability to make 'Objectives' visible to only the people and groups responsible for testing. Keep reading for some use cases and how to enable these custom permissions.

  • Use Case #1: Account admins may want to start with only the People Ops Team using Objectives. Once the People Ops Team grasps OKRs and 15Five, they will be able to train the rest of their people on how to set and maintain objectives.
  • Use Case #2: HR and account admins are working with a few people to set “experimental” OKRs at first, and only want the stakeholders to be able to see the Objectives feature to start.
  • Use Case #3: Only Sales, Leadership, and Product are using the OKR methodology today. Other departments are not ready to start setting and tracking objectives. 

There are surely use cases not mentioned here. Ultimately, account admins can pick and choose which people or groups should be seeing the 'Objectives' tab in 15Five. To select people and groups that can view the Objectives feature, see this in app page.


Only the people and the group members who have permission to view the Objectives feature will be able to view other's objectives and objective's details. All account admins and reviewers can still report on Objectives through the 'Reporting' tab, regardless of whether the feature is visible for them or not. 

Flexible opinion scale for Best-Self Review

When Competency Assessment was released, we introduced a flexible opinion scale for competencies within question templates. Before this release, we required five points on all opinion scale questions for Reviews. Now you can have anywhere from three to seven points on the scale and the labels are fully customizable. 🙌🏿


Feel free to rename labels, delete labels using the x to the far right of the label, or add in another point on the scale and label by clicking 'Add label'. You can ask a question with three points, seven points, or anywhere in between. We hope this makes customizing your question templates a bit easier. 

For more information on these two releases, see the below articles:

Permissions for Objectives

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