15Five Releases - March 24, 2020

You know what time it is? It's release time. We have one addition to our bulk import option, specifically the ability to change group admins in bulk. Let's jump right in!


Bulk update group admin

When a 15Five account admin creates a group, they are asked to select a group admin. This is not a requirement, and often gets left blank for the time being OR the account admin just names themself the group admin. It is not uncommon for an account admin to create a group without knowing, at the time of creation, who the group admin should/will be. When the time comes to pass the group admin torch over to the correct reviewer or account admin, we want this to be a smooth and easy hand off- no matter how many group admins you are updating. 

Now that you have the back story, here are a few notes explaining the how

First you will want to download your current company structure. Then using that download, remove all columns except 'email' and 'is_group_admin_for'. If you are making other changes via the import, you can include those columns as well. You only need to include the emails of the people who need to be added as group admins and include the group name(s) in the other column. For example, if you wanted to add someone as the group admin for groups Product and Sales, your 'is_group_admin_for' field would look like this- "Product, Sales". Remember, each group can only have one group admin. Once your CSV is ready, you can click on 'Import' in your left side navigation under 'People'.

For the specifics of updating group admins in bulk, see this article




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