15Five Releases - April 14, 2020

In this week's edition of 15Five Releases, we have three additions to Reporting and one new Company settings page. It's time to get this show on the road. 🎬

Reporting: Questions, Priorities, and 1-on-1s

We’ve built three new Plus dashboards, including multiple new reports, from the ground up to improve performance and provide more actionable insights into how your employees are using 15Five. Our goal with all new Reporting releases is to provide you with the insights you need to drive adoption and increase engagement; ultimately, increasing the value 15Five brings to your employees.

A couple of reminders regarding Reporting: From within various reports, you can contact people or groups, interact directly with 15Five data, and download reports. Also, tooltips for each calculation will appear when the grey question mark is hovered over.

NOTE ✏️: Account admins can see all metric data. Account admins can see content for only those people whose 15Fives they have permission view. Reviewers can see metric data and content for only those people whose 15Fives they have permission to view.

Questions Dashboard ❓

The all-new Questions Dashboard gives you fresh insights into what questions are being answered in 15Fives and how often. The Questions Dashboard focuses on three key indicators of question usage as well as individual and group metrics: Overall answer rate, Optional answer rate, and Answers with comments. These indicators are represented by trend graphs, shown below.



Questions Report: Answers

Metrics, check. Actions, coming right up. It's hugely important to not only see the answers to specific questions but to be able to easily interact with them through comments and likes. We’ve improved the experience of not only finding the right questions but seeing the answers and interacting with them. To get to this answers report, click on 'See answers to questions' under your 'Question answer rate' graph.

  • Finding questions- better filters as well as a search option to help you dig into the questions that matter
  • Viewing and interacting with answers- click directly on an answer to comment or like, add to a 1-on-1 agenda, or pass it up
  • Downloading questions and answers- from either the list of questions or the answers themselves, download all or a selection of questions and answers in CSV or XLSX format

Questions Report: Metrics

To support the Priorities Dashboard, we’ve created a couple metrics reports that allow you to dive deeper into the usage data of Priorities. To get to these metrics reports, click on 'See individual metrics' or 'See group metrics' at the bottom of your Questions Dashboard.


Priorities Dashboard 

Ever wondered how priorities are being used across your company? Or how many people are carrying their priorities over week after week?

The all-new Priorities Dashboard contains two trend graphs: Priority completion rate and Carry over rate. The priorities displayed are pulled from submitted 15Fives, and the graphs do not include draft data or priorities that are not actively being worked on for the timeframe. 


Priorities Report: Answers

In the Priorities Report: Answers, we display the details on each individual's priorities plus the submitted status- complete/not complete. You can filter these priorities by time frame, people, groups, reporting frequency, and/or priority status to find exactly what you're looking for. To get to this report, click on 'See all priorities' under your 'Priorities completed' graph. As mentioned above, priorities can be liked, commented on, and interacted with from this report.

Priorities Report: Metrics

To accompany the Priorities Dashboard, we created a new metrics report that allows you to dive deeper into the usage data of Priorities. To get to these metrics reports, click on 'See individual metrics' or 'See group metrics' at the bottom of your Priorities Dashboard.


1-on-1s Dashboard 

Are managers holding 1-on-1s with their direct reports? Are people holding 1-on-1s with each other? What about action items and talking points? The answers to these questions and more can be found within the 1-on-1s Dashboard and Metrics Report. 

NOTE ✏️: Since 1-on-1s are private to the two participating people, the 1-on-1s Dashboard and Reports do not contain actual 1-on-1 content.

The 1-on-1s Dashboard is composed of three graphs representing 1-on-1 usage: Overall 1-on-1 rate, 1-on-1s with reviewers, 1-on-1s with others. Also included on the main 1-on-1s Dashboard are Individuals and Groups metrics. Whether you click on 'See full report' under the Overall 1-on-1 rate graph or under the metrics lists, you will be taken to the same report; 1-on-1s Report: Metrics.



1-on-1s Report: Metrics

To accompany the 1-on-1s Dashboard, we created a new metrics report that allows you to dive deeper into the usage and completion data regarding 1-on-1s. Examples of data contained within the 1-on-1s Report: Metrics are Total 1-on-1s, Avg time between 1-on-1s with reviewer, % of talking points completed and more. To get to these metrics reports, click on 'See full report' from your 1-on-1s Dashboard. 


Company-wide notification management for admins

As an account admin, it is important to be aware of the notifications that people in your company receive. We hope this helps you minimize the distractions that your teams experience at work and protect people's time and attention. A good rule of thumb is, if the email/notification is being triggered by a human, it is worthwhile to keep on. If the email/notification is triggered by a machine, those notifications can be kept to a minimum. 

Nested under 'Company settings', there is an option titled 'Notifications' that allows you to view the details of each 15Five email notification, as well as the reason for the email- activity updates, reminders, feature information. 📩


To check out a preview of any email, click 'See details' to the right of the notification. In the future, we will allow account admins to enable/disable notifications company-wide. For now, this page is view only, but the more you know... 🤓


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