15Five Releases - May 14, 2020

Hold onto your hats! Today is jam packed with some heavily requested, high impact releases. From new features to integrations to enhancements, we hope you enjoy. 🧢🎩👒

Request Feedback 

Introducing our new Request Feedback feature: Empowering employees to take charge of their development! 😎Employees can actively seek feedback as part of their workflow on what they want, when they want, and from whom they want. When employees initiate and drive the feedback agenda, they’re much more likely to act on it. 

Blog post 🗒: Increase The Value Of Feedback By Empowering Employees To Ask For It

The Request Feedback feature increases solicited feedback + promotes cultures of high psychological safety

When companies have high psychological safety, people feel more comfortable asking for feedback.

More feedback leads to higher performance and increased engagement! 🎉

NOTE ✏️: An account admin will need to enable the 'Feedback' feature from the 'Manage features' page in 15Five. The feature is OFF by default. 

How do I request feedback from others?

Request Feedback, although heavily backed by science, is easy to use. There are two main processes regarding this feature: Request feedback from others and respond to feedback requests. Both of these processes can be done in-app and in Slack (if enabled for your company).

You can request feedback from anyone in your company using the 15Five 'Feedback' page OR from Slack (if your company has it enabled). Both options are simple and straightforward. 1️⃣ In-app, click on the 'Feedback' tab, then 'Request feedback', and fill out the form. Check out our pro tips for advice on how to ask for feedback! 2️⃣ In Slack, use the command /request-feedback and hit enter. The feedback form will pop up for you to complete. 

NOTE ✏️: Feedback requests expire 14 days after being sent. 

When might you want to request feedback?

  • Request feedback after an important meeting you led.
  • Request feedback after you’ve completed a project, or during the project, so you can course-correct quickly.
  • Request feedback to get insight into a new process that you developed.
  • Request feedback if you’re new in your role or working with new team members.
  • For leaders: Request feedback to create a culture of asking for feedback. Bake it into the rhythms of your workplace, and see how effective feedback propels professional growth and company innovation. Give employees the power to inquire and own their growth.

How do I respond to feedback?

You can respond to feedback from the 15Five 'Feedback' page OR from Slack. 1️⃣ In-app, click on the 'Feedback' tab, find the pending request on the right side of your page, and click to fill out the form. 2️⃣ In Slack, find the message that asks for your feedback (it is in the 15Five application). Click on 'Send feedback'. The feedback form will pop up for you to complete.

Feedback, both given and received, is displayed on the Feedback tab. This allows employees to view all of their feedback in one convenient place. By default, all feedback is kept private between the requestor and responder, but the person requesting also has the ability to share the feedback with their manager. Sharing with your manager is an option when requesting feedback.

TIP 💡: While feedback is essential for learning and growth, many people struggle to ask for feedback in a way that elicits thoughtful responses, and giving feedback that promotes development. Our in-app tooltips and question prompts guide feedback requesters and receivers with science-inspired advice on how to ask for and write responses that align with best practices.

⭐️Register for our upcoming webinar to learn even more: "The Science of Delivering Effective Feedback"

Jira Cloud integration for Objectives

Do you ever wish you could link your key results to Jira Cloud issues and have the key results update automatically? If you said "YES", your wish is our command! 🧞‍♂️

Jira Cloud is the #1 software development tool used by agile teams to plan, track, and release great software. The new 15Five + Jira Cloud integration allows you to link your Jira issues to your key results and in doing so, key results are automatically updated as progress is made in Jira. This integration is designed to simplify workflows by enabling teams to track and update their progress in one place.

First, a 15Five account admin needs to enable the Jira Cloud integration. Once the feature is enabled, people can use the integration to add and link key results to a Jira ticket by searching with JQL, choosing the related ticket(s), and if they choose, selecting the option to ‘continuously link issues that meet search terms’. After linking the key result to Jira, 15Five will automatically update the key result's progress based on progress made in Jira.


🙌🏽No more manually updating key results in 15Five after updating the corresponding Jira tickets! 🙌🏽Now project managers, teams, and leadership can stay up-to-date on key projects without leaving 15Five. After all, 15Five is where all the context and important conversations are happening. 

'Home' tab replaced by company name

With the addition of the new 'Feedback' tab, the 'Home' tab has been removed from the top navigation menu in 15Five. Instead of a 'Home' tab, you will see your company's name at the top left of your page, look just to the left of '15Fives'. Click on the company name to be taken to 'My profile' and 'Company directory'.


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