15Five Releases - April 30, 2020

Two enhancements for Objectives are ready to roll today. 🛹These releases allow for more customization, control, and visibility over the whole Objectives process, from creation to management to closure. We are constantly looking to improve the Objectives feature and make Objectives a fully collaborative feature. Today's releases can be chalked up as wins in that pursuit. ✔️

Objectives tags

Tags are a great way to organize objectives that are not necessarily related to hierarchy and/or team structure but are a part of an overarching framework. Adding another layer of organization to Objectives, they are ideal for customers who want to be able to easily see who is working on OKRs that are related to specific, shared themes. Some ideas for tags are: Company-wide initiatives or themes (Culture), Priority levels (P1), and Company-wide KPIs (Decrease churn).

If you want your people to be able to tag their objectives and allow admins and reviewers to report by tags on the 'All objectives' page:

1️⃣An account admin needs to enable 'Objectives tags' feature for your company.

2️⃣After enabling, account admins need to create tags that align with some company objective themes.

3️⃣Last, and after the previous two steps, a single tag or multiple tags can be added to any objective during creation or editing.

TIP💡: By default, anyone with access to create or edit an objective can tag that objective. If your company would like this to be an admin or reviewer function, please share this information and the context behind the decision with your people so that they know not to tag on their own. If you are happy allowing everyone to tag their own objectives, ensure that they understand the definition behind each tag ahead of time.


⬆️⬆️⬆️Notice the new filter, 'Tag'; built to help you easily find those tagged objectives. ⬆️⬆️⬆️

Who can create group type objectives?

Just like limiting what roles/specific people can create company-wide objectives, account admins can now limit what roles/specific people can create each group type objective! Let's say your company has group types Departments, Teams, Locations, and Squads. With this enhancement, account admins can say, "I only want reviewers to be able to create 'Teams' objectives" or "I only want these specific people to be able to create 'Locations' objectives". This additional permission will be helpful for anyone looking to limit objective creation permissions for group types.

You can now make permissions for creating objectives as granular or as open as you wish!

For more information on the above releases, check out these articles:

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