Configure Jira Cloud for OKRs

Jira Cloud is the #1 software development tool used by agile teams to plan, track, and release great software. 15Five and Jira Cloud integrate to simplify work by enabling teams to automatically update their key results in 15Five as they make progress in Jira. This saves teams from doing the manual process of updating key results in Jira and 15Five by locating the status of Jira ticket(s) and then updating key result progress in 15Five.

Just like other 15Five integrations, the Jira Cloud integration must be enabled through 'Manage features' >>> 'Integrations'. To enable the integration, the person must be a 15Five account admin and a Jira Cloud admin.

NOTE ✏️: Only one Jira company instance can be integrated per 15Five account.

Integrate with Jira Cloud

1. Click on 'Settings' from the left navigation.


2. Then click on 'Features' to expand the feature settings.


3. Last, click on 'Integrations'.


4. Click on 'Enable' to the right of the Jira Cloud option.


5. Click the 'Set up Jira Cloud Integration' button and you will be redirected to log into Atlassian.


6. Use your credentials (you must be a Jira/Atlassian admin to set up the integration) to log in to your account.


7. Wah-lah! Your company is now able to use the Jira Cloud integration on their key results.

Integration enabled... Now, how to use it?

Once the integration is enabled, there will be a 'Link to' option when creating an objective or adding key results to an existing objective. 

NOTE ✏️: Users do not need to log into Jira (additionally) with their own credentials to get the integration to work. As long as the integration is ON for your company, the option to link exists.

For more information on setting up and managing key results that are linked to Jira, see this article. 

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