15Five Releases - May 19, 2020

You won't believe your eyes! 👀It's another enhancement to Objectives. This release will make understanding your company's alignment even more intuitive by giving you a look at the bigger picture. 

Chart view for Objectives

The chart view for Objectives will show you all objectives that match the given time filter (past, current, future, etc) and their alignment with other objectives in an expandable/collapsable flow chart format. Think of this viewing option as a more organized and visually appealing version of nested view. Start with any aligned objective and expand its child objectives, as cards, all the way down the line. In chart view, the expansion will take place to the right of the parent objective and will include all necessary details on each of the child objectives' cards.

Chart view is helpful for clearly and effectively visualizing how all objectives are aligned. It allows all members of an organization to see where their objective lies in regards to the bigger company and team Objectives picture. Additionally, chart view will help customers with hundreds or thousands of objectives navigate those objectives in a non-paginated, non-list form.

Added bonus: Look at how pretty it is. 🤩


For more information on chart view, see this Success Center article:

View Objectives: nested, flat, and chart 

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