15Five Releases- May 28, 2020

It's a great day to be a 15Fiver. We've overhauled the peer nomination process for managers/reviewers in Best-Self Review® and the changes are oh so good. 🙌🏽☀️🏆

Peer nomination process for managers

Based on feedback, we know that the peer nomination process for managers/reviewers was not ideal and was rather confusing. Managers weren't sure where nominations were at in the process and sometimes weren't sure what actions they needed to take. Today's updates to the peer nomination process are going to dispel that confusion. 🥳

By improving the peer nomination process, we are 1️⃣removing friction for participants and managers alike during a review cycle and 2️⃣enabling managers to complete the nomination flow in a timely & seamless manner. No intervention from review admins required. Let's check it out!

On the 'Peer nominations' page in a review cycle, there are now two tabs for managers: 'My team' and 'My nominations'. The 'My team' tab allows you to manage nominations including approving/denying, removing, and nudging for your direct report(s) that are participants in the cycle.


If you liked the option to bulk approve nominations for your direct report(s), that option remains and will approve all nominations that are "awaiting your response".

Let's say you wanted to manage peers on an individual nomination basis. Now you can do that without skipping a beat! Use the drop-down arrow (look to the far right) to expand your direct report's peers and take action one by one.


Nominations that are waiting on manager action will have a yellow ! mark and options to deny/approve.

Nominations that have already been approved by the manager and are waiting on the peer to take action will have a blue ! mark and options to nudge/remove.

Nominations that have been approved by the manager and accepted by the peer will have a green checkmark.

NOTE ✏️: At this time, only managers have access to manage peers for their direct report(s) in a review cycle. Review admins do not have the ability to manage peers for managers or participants. 

For more in-depth walkthroughs, see these articles:

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