Onboard your team with Objectives only

If your company is about to start your journey with 15Five, but would like to begin with only Objectives, this article will walk you through how to do just that. "Only Objectives"= only the Objectives feature is enabled and 15Five check-ins will only include the Objectives section. 

Configure "Objectives only" Check-ins

15Five check-ins include multiple sections such as Pulse, Priorities, Objectives, Questions, and High Fives by default. That said, if you are an account administrator and would like to remove all sections and only include Objectives, you can do that. 

1. Click on the Settings menu at the upper right corner of your 15Five account.


2. Select Features from the dropdown menu.


3. Click 'Features overview'.


4. Toggle 'Pulse Check' and 'Attachments' off if they are currently on.


5. If your company has Question Queue, Metric Questions, or Company-wide/Group/Individual questions enabled, go to the 'Manage questions' page and deactivate or delete all active questions. 


6. From the same page, click on the '...' in the Question Queue section. Then click 'Manage settings'.


7. Toggle the question queue off and save your changes.


Even though some question settings still show as on from the 'Manage features' page, they are disabled if you removed/deactivated active questions and active queues. See the first screenshot of this section to see what your features page should look like for Check-ins.



If a Check-in already contains draft answers for a question or questions, those questions will not disappear for the reporter until their next Check-in.

8. Go back to the 'Settings: Features' page, then click 'Priorities'.


9. Under 'Settings', select the 'Disable' option. Save your changes.


10. Click '< Feature settings' at the top of the page to go back to the "Settings: Features" page.


11. Click 'Feature overview' at the top of the page.


12. Click 'Configure' to the right of the Give High Fives option. Disable the 'High Fives in Check-ins' feature. This removes High Fives from appearing on check-ins, but still allows people to give High Fives from the feed.




If you wish to disable the High Five feed and/or the High Five leaderboard (which essentially turns off High Fives all together), you can do so from the same High Fives configurations page.

13. From the 'Features overview' page and scroll down to the 'Objectives & Key Results' section. Make sure the status is toggled to "On".


14. Make sure that Objectives is enabled for the appropriate people and with the right permissions by clicking 'Configure' to the right of the Objectives & Key Results option. Use this article for information on each setting and make decisions on settings for your company based on your learnings.



If Objectives are not enabled for someone, their Check-ins will be blank and they will not be able to own or update objectives.

For more information on managing your company's features, including all Objectives options, see these articles.

15. After completing the above steps, only an 'Objectives' section will appear on your team's Check-ins.

Disable additional features

You have disabled all aspects of the Check-in, with the exception of Objectives. Now you want to disable other features such as 1-on-1s, Feedback, and Best-Self Reviews. Similar to the above steps, disabling these features can be done from the 'Features overview' page. If you disable these features, they will not appear in in-app navigation for anyone in your company. 

You can turn any feature off by ensuring the "Status" is toggled to "Off".


If you don't see the option to toggle the status to "Off" for a feature, click Configure next to the feature name.


You should see the option to disable the feature at the bottom of the screen.


Congrats! Your team is ready to use 15Five for Objectives only. When you're ready, you can enable all features the same way you disabled them.

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