15Five Releases- June 4, 2020

In 15Five, there are default attributes that exist for all people such as email, location, timezone, etc. These default attributes can be found on each person's profile page. Given that the default attributes are generic and may not cover all of your attribute needs, we are releasing some new functionality!

Custom attributes

You can now create custom attributes from the 'Attributes' page, via CSV import, or via API in 15Five. Furthermore, custom attributes can be updated via CSV import, through each person's profile, or via API. Some examples of custom attributes: Hire date, Compensation range, T-shirt size, Exempt status, Preferred name, Gender preference, etc. Regardless of attributes or method used, account admins can use this new functionality to optimize and customize their 15Five experience.


NOTE ✏️: All custom attributes are public at this time. Please take this into consideration when creating custom attributes. We are continuously working to add functionality and enhance this feature. In the future, there will be additional visibility options.

To create custom attributes: 1️⃣Go to the 'Attributes' page to add attributes manually. Then you will add attributes for each individual or use a CSV to upload attributes in bulk. OR 2️⃣Export your current 15Five profiles. Then reimport with email, plus the custom attribute(s) columns you would like to create and add for people. Examples of column headers for CSV: custom_department, custom_birthday, custom_salary, custom_t-shirt_size 

NOTE ✏️: Attributes can be text (alphanumerical included) or date format.

After creation, all attributes can be managed (edited, renamed, or deleted) via the 'Attributes' page. Attributes can be updated via each person's profile or in bulk via CSV import.


In the future, we will add the ability to create and sync attributes from HRIS and SCIM. We will also use custom attribute information in other features including grouping/filtering mechanism in general Reporting (Pulse, Questions, etc), grouping/filtering mechanism in launching a Best Self Review® cycle, and grouping/filtering mechanism for launching a question in a Check-in. 

For more information about creating and updating attributes, see these articles:

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