Past product webinar recordings

Below is a list of past webinars including a brief overview, the length of the webinar recording, and a link to the recording itself. For upcoming webinars and events, see this webpage. Enjoy!

(combination of product walkthroughs + best practices + use cases)

Action Packed Guide to 15Five- Focusing on the needs of companies between 10-100 employees, this webinar will guide you on how to make 15Five engaging for your employees - all the advice a Customer Success Manager would tell you. Think best practices, product tips, and how to leverage 15Five internally. 👁 48 min

1-on-1s: Proven Effective Since the Stone Age- In this webinar, you will learn: the science behind why 1-on-1s are so important, the ideal flow between Check-ins and 1-on-1s, how to create an awesome 1-on-1 agenda, four simple ways to maintain regular 1-on-1 momentum, and next level product tips and keys to success. 👁 50 min

Sleigh your Best-Self Review- In this webinar, you will learn: Why does the Best-Self Review™ matter?, defining employee roles, diving into a review cycle from each perspective (in-app demo), the Aftermath (OK, we did it—now what?), and next-level tips for success. You’ll leave this webinar feeling up-to-date on all best practices and tips for conducting a successful Best-Self Review™. 👁 65 min

Up-level My Manager Game- In this webinar, you will learn: how to build transformative relationships with each of your directs - setting them up for success, discover new options for managing your team’s information with a manager-focused demo, and take away actionable tips to start using with your directs immediately. 👁 45 min

[DEBUNKED]: Everything you despise about 15Five...- In this webinar, Courtney and Priscilla will debunk the top five 'myths' most often heard from reporters of 15Five. They'll tackle real feedback and empower you with best practices and simple actions you can take to boost your 15Five experience. 👁 31 min

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork: Collaborative Objectives- In this webinar, you will: learn how to set objectives settings that suit your whole company, discover best practices to increase collaboration around these same objectives, and gather relatable use cases throughout the entire process. 👁 46 min

Reporting Series, Pt 1: Pulse Dashboard and Usage Reports- In this webinar, you will: get familiar with new formatting of Reporting tab, specifically the Pulse and Check-in Usage reports, understand how Reporting can help you in your specific role, ie HR, Sales, Leadership, and how to take action on the data and interact with the content! 👁 46 min

Reporting Series, Pt 2: Objectives Dashboard and Reports- In this webinar, you’ll learn: how to easily operate your Objectives dashboard and reports, the best practices for analyzing status, ownership, and alignment reports, the social science research that inspired the new Objectives dashboards and reports, as well as use cases you can leverage immediately. 👁 30 min

Reporting Series, Pt 3: Questions, Priorities, and 1-on-1s- In this webinar, you’ll learn: how to easily operate your Questions and Priorities dashboard and reports, plus your 1-on-1 dashboard. Understand answer rates of questions (required and optional), how to dig into specific answers, how to take various bulk actions, and how 1-on-1 activity is trending, as well as use cases you can leverage immediately. 👁 30 min

Getting the most out of 15Five's Request Feedback feature- In this webinar, you'll learn: What Request Feedback means, What the science behind this feature says and how we built the feature to match, and how to request and respond to feedback requests like a boss! Last, we will touch on the aftermath of receiving feedback. 👁 45 min

Finally, an accurate way to measure engagement- In this webinar, you'll learn: What Engagement+ means (and what the science says), How the themes and templates were created, How to use the Engagement+ feature as an account admin, How to analyze the results of an Engagement+ survey, and What use cases are good for Engagement+. 👁 45 min

Your 15Five Home page: The feature you could be getting more out of- In this webinar you'll learn: The science behind each of the 5 tabs on your Home page including Highlights, About, Career vision, Activity, and Wins & challenges, what the research says about using these pages to house personal information about you, the science behind our new Best-Self Kickoff, and product tips and use cases! 👁 30 min

The Art and Science of Crafting High Fives- High Fives are our most popular feature here at 15Five. Sure, you've written some, but have you ever given a strength based High Five? One that not only says "thanks for being awesome", but also spots, explains, and shows appreciation for someone's unique strengths. In this webinar, we will walk you through strengths, where they live in 15Five, High Fives, and how to put all these things together to give one stellar High Five! 👁 30 min

Fine tune your 15Five set up using groups- Have you heard of the Groups feature in 15Five? Groups have been around since 15Five’s inception in 2010! One of the greatest benefits to Groups is that they allow you to customize various features in 15Five to add a personal, relevant touch to your people’s 15Five experience. In this webinar you'll learn: Foundational basics on groups and attributes, how Groups play into all the features in 15Five, how to leverage Groups within reporting, and real-life use cases + an in-app walkthrough. 👁 45 min

How to make the most of your Best-Self Review® results- This webinar is advanced training for 15Five account administrators and reviewers on closing and analyzing a Best-Self Review®. We’ll present proactive and social science-backed activities to do after employees submit their self reviews including: the process for closing a review cycle (and accompanying people science!), how to dig into insightful reporting options, and use cases beyond the review itself. 👁 58 min

Exciting releases for your Best-Self Review®- This webinar is dedicated to the latest Best-Self Review® releases—namely, Talent Matrix, Increasing competencies, and Hiding Peer and/or Upward reviews. If you are curious about the science and functionality behind these releases, you will want to tune into this webinar. 👁 33 min

How to hold an effective 1-on-1 in 30 minutes- This webinar is dedicated to the foundation of our 1-on-1s feature, the latest 1-on-1s releases (and a few sneak peeks). If you are curious about the science and functionality behind these releases and you manage people, this webinar is for you. 👁 30 min

Learn how other managers use 15Five with their team- This webinar is designed for managers and focused on the 1-on-1s and Check-ins features, and how to use them to the fullest. It's a 30 minute Q&A based webinar, we had great conversations with attendees and a couple of our very own managers from 15Five. 👁 30 min


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