15Five Releases- July 16, 2020

In 15Five, each person has their own profile that includes tabs such as, About, Strengths, Career vision, and Activity in 15Five. The goal of these profiles is to allow people to better understand their teammates/direct reports/employees through insightful information about who they are and how they work.

New About tab in people's profiles

Today is the start of something new with respect to 15Five Profiles; it's time to add a little bit of personality! 🎉 New prompts are now appearing on the 'About' tab of everyone's profiles. These prompts are a way for teammates/reviewers/admins to get to know you, which is especially important if you are often working together. From the 'Manage features' page, account admins have the ability to remove prompts that they do not want appearing on people's profiles.


Why are these changes to the 'About' page so important? As a result of this added information:

  • Managers will better understand their direct reports so they can better communicate with, engage with, and coach them
  • Employees will feel seen, understood, and appreciated for who they are by their managers
  • Managers and employees will understand what’s expected of each other

In addition to the new 'About' prompts, the 'Info' tab has been absorbed by the 'About' tab and the 'Engagement' tab is now the 'Activity' tab. 


This is only the beginning of a new and improved My Profile experience! In the future, we plan on releasing additional enhancements to the Profile pages to increase interaction and awareness.

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