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✍️ Note: 15Five will be sunsetting our Engagement+ product in the middle of 2022 and replacing it fully with our new Engage feature (powered by Emplify, a 15Five brand). During this time we are no longer supporting Engagement+. If you're a new customer looking to launch an engagement survey for your organization, please click here to access information about our updated Engage feature.

You're an account administrator. You might have created custom questions that you would like to include your Engagement+ survey, or maybe you plan to use the 15Five default templates. It is now time to create and start the survey. Before you create an Engagement+ survey, we recommend checking out this article to understand the science behind this feature. 

Ebook 📖: The Power of Engagement+: Measuring Behaviors that Fuel Performance


Create an Engagement+ survey

1. Click on Engagement+ from the left navigation.


2. You'll end up on the 'Surveys' tab.


3. Click on the orange Create a new survey button at the top right.


4. Choose a survey template. You can use either an existing template or click Create new template.



Only Plus customers can create custom templates. 


5. Review the survey questions section which includes a preview of all questions for the template chosen in step 4. 


6. Add a survey name. Similar to naming review cycles, you will want to be specific when naming your survey. Use a name that will be easily identifiable for future reference.


7. Define the survey audience by choosing who should be asked to complete the survey?




Depending on your subscription plan, you may only be able to select the entire company.

8. Set survey dates. Select start and end dates for survey; we recommend at least two weeks between start and end of survey.


9. Decide whether you want managers to have access to Engagement+ results for their team and hierarchy or if only account administrators should see the results. Also, enable/disable the setting for optional feedback.  


Even if the Admin and manager option is selected, five submissions will be required before results will appear for groups, hierarchies, etc. If a manager does not have more than five direct reports, they will not be able to view Engagement+ results. Managers will not have access to view Engagement+ results for everyone; only their hierarchy and immediate direct reports.

Enabling the Optional question feedback setting allows people completing the survey to leave fully anonymous feedback for account administrators to see and respond to. People can opt-in or opt-out of receiving responses from account administrators when leaving the feedback. If viewing permissions include managers, managers can see the optional feedback. However, managers cannot respond to the optional feedback. Only account administrators can do that.

10. Customize survey e-mails.

  • Survey kick-off- customize your initial email, Slack, or in-app notification, that will be sent to survey participants upon the start date
  • Weekly email notifications- customize this weekly email, Slack, or in-app notification, including when it is sent, and to whom
  • Last day email notifications- customize this final reminder email, Slack, or in-app notification, including when it is sent, and to whom




Account administrators can edit survey settings up until the survey start date.

11. After filling out all fields, click Continue.


12. Review the 'Survey confirmation' page and then click Confirm and create.


13. One last review of survey details. Triple check that all information looks correct. 


14. Click Launch.


15. You're all set... until the submissions start rolling in, that is. 🤓

Success Center article 🗒: Analyze Engagement+ survey results


End a survey

When a survey ends, submissions are no longer allowed. No draft surveys will be submitted or counted towards the results.

Two options to end a survey:

1️⃣ Surveys will automatically end on the survey end date. No action required.

2️⃣ Surveys can be ended manually using the End survey option. This option exists when clicking on ... to the right of an in progress survey.


If an account administrator ends a survey before the end date, the below popup will appear.


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