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✍️ Note: 15Five will be sunsetting our Engagement+ product in the middle of 2022 and replacing it fully with our new Engage feature (powered by Emplify, a 15Five brand). During this time we are no longer supporting Engagement+. If you're a new customer looking to launch an engagement survey for your organization, please click here to access information about our updated Engage feature.

If leaders at your company track employee engagement and thriving, it is very likely you will be asked to complete an Engagement+ survey in 15Five at some point. Why should you care about completing an Engagement+ survey? Traditionally, engagement and performance practices were not linked and were managed separately. With Engagement+ surveys, engagement and performance are integrated into one application/practice, making the results and corresponding actions more impactful, creating a cohesive experience for both employees and managers!

Guide 🗒: Engagement+ One Pager



Your survey responses are fully anonymous, as is your optional feedback, meaning account administrators will not be able to see how you answered any question(s), will not get notified when you submit your survey, and will not be able to track whether or not you completed the survey. Managers have no access to view Engagement+ survey results, unless given permission by account administrators.

Now that you understand the why behind Engagement+ surveys, let's talk through filling one out.


Complete an Engagement+ survey

1. First, you will receive a kick-off email letting you know that a survey has been started.

2. From that email, you can click the orange Start your survey button to be taken to the survey in app. If you can't find the email, proceed to step 3 and you can begin filling out the survey by navigating to it in app.

3. Click on Engagement+ from the left navigation.


4. Under 'In progress surveys', find the survey that you need to complete and click on Fill out survey to the right.



5. You will be taken to a page that gives you details about the survey such as a description from your account admin(s), estimated time, due date, and confidentiality. 


6. When you're ready, click the orange Get started button below the estimated time and due date.


7. Once you are viewing the survey that is in progress, it's time to answer each of the questions by clicking on the option that best applies.


  • If your account administrator enabled the optional feedback setting, you will see an option to Add confidential feedback (optional) under the answer options. This feedback is in addition to your rating answer and allows you space to provide additional context. Only account administrators can see and reply to all confidential feedback.


  • You can choose to allow an account administrator to respond to your optional feedback or choose to not accept responses, using the checkbox below the text field. 


  • Your optional feedback is 100% anonymous throughout the entire process, even if an account administrator replies. If a reply is sent to you, you will be notified in 15Five and can continue the conversation, if desired. Your identity will always be anonymous.

8. Use the progress bar at the top of your page to track how much of the survey you have completed. Any questions that you skipped will show as a yellow blip on the progress bar.


9. Click on the yellow blip in the progress bar to be taken back to the question that was skipped and answer it. 




You can start filling out a survey, answer some questions, navigate out of the survey, and when you return to the survey at a later time, your answers will remain for you to continue progress.

10. When you're done filling out your survey, click Submit


11. Woohoo! You did it.


If you added confidential feedback and allowed a response to your feedback, you will be notified in app when an account administrator replies. Again, account administrators will not be able to see your identity at any point during the correspondence. You can continue the conversation if you'd like or you can leave the conversation at one comment and one reply.

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