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✍️ Note: 15Five will be sunsetting our Engagement+ product in the middle of 2022 and replacing it fully with our new Engage feature (powered by Emplify, a 15Five brand). During this time we are no longer supporting Engagement+. If you're a new customer looking to launch an engagement survey for your organization, please click here to access information about our updated Engage feature.

When it comes time to start an Engagement+ survey, account administrators will have to choose which template to use for the survey. So before the survey, it is important that all custom questions and/or templates be created. 

Account administrators can use 15Five's existing & scientifically backed templates: Engagement+ Fundamentals, Engagement+ Advanced, DEI Foundations, OR can create a Customized template. The existing 15Five templates include dozens of psychological science research themes that include intrinsic motivation, positivity, fairness, strengths, and psychological safety. These templates are ready to use out-of-the-box and allow administrators to gather extremely valuable information, even if they are unsure what questions to ask initially. To check out the Engagement+ full, pre-loaded question bank, click on Features>>>'Engagement+'>>>'Question bank' from your left navigation menu. 



Only account administrators for Plus accounts have access to create custom questions and custom templates. Additionally, only account administrators can access the Question bank.



If you would like to duplicate any question bank question, including 15Five questions, you can click ... to the right of the question and click Duplicate.

In order to create a custom template, account administrators must first create the custom questions.


Create custom Engagement+ questions

1. Click on Engagement+ from the left navigation.


2. Click on the 'Question bank' tab.


3. Click on the orange Create a question button at the top right.


4. A side panel will pop out on your right hand side. Fill out the details for your custom question and then click Add question.


5. Once you have created all of your questions, you can double check they were added by using the 'Source' filter and selecting Custom.


6. Now that your custom questions are done, you can create a custom template and get the survey going.


Create a custom Engagement+ template



Existing templates (15Five templates) will be automatically appear in the 'Question template' dropdown menu when an account administrator is creating an Engagement+ survey.

1. Click on Engagement+ from the left navigation.


2. Double check that you are on the 'Surveys' tab.


3. Click on the orange Create a new survey button at the top right.


4. In the first section, 'Survey template', click the Create new template button.


5. Give your new custom template a name.


6. Give your template a description.


7. Under 'Template questions', click Add a question.


8. A side panel will pop out on your right hand side. To add your custom questions to your template, click the + to the right of each question. Once a question has been added, the + icon will turn into a green checkmark icon. 


9. If you need to add another question from this panel, click the Create question at the top and you can add another question from this same page. 


10. When you're done adding questions to the new template, exit out of the side panel using the grey x.


11. Review all template details and click Create template.


12. Now when creating an Engagement+ survey, the custom template will appear in the drop-down menu of optional templates.


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