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✍️ Note: 15Five will be sunsetting our Engagement+ product in the middle of 2022 and replacing it fully with our new Engage feature (powered by Emplify, a 15Five brand). During this time we are no longer supporting Engagement+. If you're a new customer looking to launch an engagement survey for your organization, please click here to access information about our updated Engage feature.

Engagement+ and the surveys within contain templates, participants, and sensitive information. Because each survey can be customized, questions will arise. Keep reading for information on the most commonly asked questions regarding the Engagement+ feature. 

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Frequency Asked Questions: Engagement+

Q: Are there any restrictions as to who can participate in a survey?

A: As long as the person is actively using 15Five for the company, they can participate in the survey. No external people can participate.


Q: Can managers see Engagement+ survey results for their team and/or hierarchy?

A: Yes, if the survey was set up with viewing permissions that included account administrators AND managers. 


Q: If someone becomes an account administrator after a survey has taken place, do they have visibility into all earlier survey's results?

A: Yes. By default, new account administrators can see into past Engagement+ survey results.


Q: Can review administrators see Engagement+ survey results?

A: Since review administrators must first be 15Five account administrators, they will be able to view survey results. We do not have the option to designate an account administrator as an engagement administrator only. 


Q: What notifications are sent out throughout the survey process?

A: One notification when the survey opens up- the kick-off email. One optional, weekly notification- set up during survey creation. One optional, last day of survey notification- set up during survey creation.


Q: As a manager, will you know which of your direct report(s) have submitted their surveys and when they were submitted?

A: No. No notifications are sent to managers or account administrators with respect to submissions of surveys.


Q: Where did the 15Five Question bank questions come from?

A: Our survey questions are inspired by the latest scientific research across four fields of study that include, positive psychology, positive organizational scholarship, humanistic psychology, and organizational psychology. We created the Full Potential Index alongside Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman, Ph.D., a leading researcher on human intelligence, creativity, and self-actualization, and host of the popular podcast, The Psychology Podcast and author of Transcend: The New Science of Self-Actualization.

15Five reused with permission, created, adapted, refined, tested, and validated over 300 questions during four rounds of psychometric validation with a global sample of over 2100 full-time employees. In addition, 15Five prospects and customers were consulted to validate perceived value and importance. 

15Five’s Engagement+, Engagement+ Advanced, DEI Fundamentals, and Full Potential Index templates and questions underwent a rigorous psychometric validation process led by 15Five’s People Science team (Courtney Bigony, MAPP, 15Five’s Director of People Science, and Dr. Jeff Smith, 15Five's VP of Strategic Initiatives) and Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman, leading researcher on human intelligence, creativity, and self-actualization.


Q: What do you mean by confidential or anonymous?

A: We protect the confidentiality of survey participants and their answers by ensuring that results do not appear until the threshold for submissions has been met. For more information on setting a confidentiality threshold, see this article. The default confidentiality threshold is 5. Scenarios are listed below where the threshold is 5.

Example: You need at least 5 people company-wide to submit before the results page will even load. 

Example: If a reviewer has 7 direct reports but only 3 of them have submitted, the option to filter by that person's hierarchy will not appear until at least 2 other people have submitted. 

Example: If you have a group of 10 people, with only 4 responses, the results won't appear for that group until another person submits. This ensures that employees feel safe to answer the questions honestly, which is key to a successful Engagement survey.

All identities are fully anonymous to all account administrators and all managers. Answers are shared with account administrators and managers (if settings allow).


Q: How many people do you need to complete the survey to see the results page or in the download?

A: That depends on the confidentiality threshold setting. For more information on setting a confidentiality threshold, see this article. Threshold can be any number between 3 and 10. 


Q: Why is it called Engagement+, plus what?

A: Our survey templates and questions measure employee engagement and thriving by looking at the elements that create the environment for people and organizations to reach their full potential. Themes include: intrinsic motivation, strengths, positivity, and psychological safety, and more.


Q: Is there benchmarking?

A: Not at this time. We are working to validate and collect the data required to provide benchmarking and will make available when ready.


Q: Can customers run an eNPS with Engagement+?

A: No, Engagement+ is not designed to be an NPS system. eNPS requires a different system for calculating results (1-6 are detractors, 7-8 are neutral, 9-10 are promoters). 

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