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Today we’re announcing early access to our new Workday integration. The 15Five <> Workday integration allows HR admins to seamlessly and automatically sync employee data from Workday to 15Five. As an early adopter, you have the ability to help us shape this integration.

Redesigning performance feedback processes and adapting them to unique business needs, as well as, the reality of an employee’s day-to-day work is a high priority for many HR and business leaders. These refreshed processes require tools that managers and employees actually use, to facilitate ongoing conversations, help motivate teams, initiate early intervention of potential issues, and align goals across the organization at an accelerated pace.

Workday is a leading human capital management (HCM) that allows HR to streamline their processes, empower workers, collaborate across the organization, and align teams with strategic business initiatives. Workday customers are industry leaders that are seeking out ways of increasing their competitive edge such as adopting continuous performance management processes and tools — a strategic people management practice that isn’t supported by Workday HCM.

The Workday integration allows customers to easily synchronize employee data from Workday to 15Five. Customers will enable the integration in 15Five, then use Custom Reports in Workday and configure all the details they would like to automatically sync over from Workday into 15Five. Once the integration is enabled in both systems, HR admins no longer need to routinely request IT support for basic things to get done like user provisioning, deprovisioning, or making updates to employee data across systems.


How to become an 'Early Adopter'

If you would like to participate in this Early Adopter process, please reach out to support@15five.com and ask them you would like to turn on the Early Adopter features for your company. If you have a CSM, you can also request access by reaching out to them. You must be a company admin to request this access.

A couple of prerequisites:

1️⃣ Your company does not use SCIM or is willing to remove SCIM as a middle man between Workday and other applications. SSO + Workday is acceptable.

2️⃣ Your company has HR people who are actively managing Workday and want to be hands on with this integration.


What to expect, including the details

Below is an overview of how Workday and 15Five communicate:

  • 15Five is using an SFTP connection to transfer data from Workday into 15Five
  • Our integration relies on Workday’s Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB, for short). Workday EIB is a guided and graphical no-code interface that facilitates integrations.
  • Specifically, our integration leverages Workday’s Outbound EIB, which extracts data from Workday and uses an SFTP connection to transfer data.

What fields exist in the 15Five <> Workday integration?

Using SFTP is very similar to uploading your people's information via CSV- except it happens on an automated schedule.  It is common that HRIS solutions be configured to automatically generate a CSV of employee data and send it to our SFTP server.

Fields from 15Five that can be included in the integration are shown below:

  • employee_id
  • email
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • title
  • location
  • groups
  • reviewer_email or reviewer_id (reviewer_id is preferred)
  • deactivated_date (only used and populated for de-provisioning)


How do I set up the 15Five <> Workday integration? 

1. Click on 'Settings' from the left navigation.


2. Then click on 'Features' to expand the feature settings.


3. Last, click on 'Integrations'.


4. Click on 'Enable' to the right of the Workday option.


5. Once you are viewing the Enable Workday page, click the orange 'Enable Workday' button at the bottom.


6. The information on the 'Setup' tab will be pasted into your Workday account in step 10. Copy the Host, Username, and Password tokens and have them handy for later in the setup.


7. Head over to Workday. 🚶🏽‍♂️

8. A Workday admin will create a custom report. Add in any filters to exclude people from the syncs, for example contractors or certain groups.

9. Now you need an Integration System User (ISU) that’s part of an Integration System Security Group (ISSG) to help with the next steps. If you do not have an ISU and/or an ISSG, create them. 

  • The ISU needs to be exempt from password expirations. Who can be an ISU? 
  • The custom report that is created will need to be shared with this ISU.
  • Some group access settings may need to be adjusted.

10. The ISU will create the Outbound EIB and a Business Process Definition for the integration. (This is where you'll paste all the details from step 6 above.) When you are ready to put in the username and password from step 6 above, provided by 15Five, be sure to select the Authentication Method of “User Name / Password”.

11. Once everything in Workday is set up and saved, you can return to 15Five and wait for the sync to happen as scheduled. 

12. After syncing begins, you can track imports using the 'Import history' tab.


13. Update your settings for the Workday integration at anytime using the 'Settings' tab.


14. Now it's time to use 15Five and Workday without having to regularly update them both. 😁 The integration will automatically sync based on the frequency you set for your report. 


Turn off the 15Five <> Workday integration

If you wish to disable your Workday integration, go to the 'Settings' tab shown above and click the 'Disable' button.




Q: Is the Workday <> 15Five integration bidirectional?

A: Not at this time. The potential is there, however, as Workday does support Inbound EIBs.

Q: Why should I use the Workday integration instead of and IdP or csv?

A: It’s automated (which is better than uploading a .csv). Using the Workday integration removes IT as a bottleneck for provisioning/deprovisioning as well as group updates.

Q: How often does the syncing from Workday to 15Five happen?

A: As often as the user wants. The EIB will process the custom report the Workday admin creates on whatever schedule/frequency is desired. It’s customizable.


Q: Can custom attributes sync via Workday?

A: Not via Workday. However, it is possible to create an API script that automatically updates the attributes via the API.

Q: If the integration acts as a bulk import, will it update/add information for people who already exist in 15Five? As opposed to ignoring the information because the person already exists.

A: Yes. If the people on the sync are already active in 15Five, the system will look for and make any changes to those people. 

Q: Will we be able to sync groups and group types from Workday to 15Five?

A: Yes. Groups will sync from Workday. The groups will be synced by group name, just as they are in CSV imports. 


Tell us how we're doing- send feedback to 15Five for this feature

This feature release is a work in progress, hence the name 'Early Adopter'. You might come across minor bugs and notice some functionality that needs improvement. Please email support@15five.com to report bugs and functionality requests.

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