15Five Releases- August 27, 2020

Two integration releases, comin right up! 👩🏻‍🍳👨🏾‍🍳 Today's releases include a brand new integration with MS Teams and an Early Adopter Program for the new Workday integration. 

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MS Teams

You spend a lot of time in MS Teams, do ya? Now you can give and receive High Fives directly from your MS Teams app. 👥 This is just the beginning of our integration with Microsoft Teams; an exciting first step nonetheless!

15Five's integration with MS Teams brings High Fives to you, where you're already working. This gives you more visibility into High Fives that are being sent and received across your organization in real-time, and makes it even easier to send a High Five in the moment, while amplifying and strengthening your culture from anywhere.


Set up and use the MS Teams integration

1️⃣ First things first, an account admin needs to enable MS Teams from the Integrations page in 15Five.

2️⃣ Once enabled, your people can go to MS Teams where they'll notice there is a new tab available for 15Five. This tab is visible for everyone in your company once the integration is enabled.

3️⃣ Each person will be required to log into 15Five from MS Teams using their 15Five credentials.

4️⃣ Once logged in, the 15Five tab will become a High Fives Dashboard showing you all the given and received High Fives for your company.

5️⃣ To give a High Five just mention the person and share your gratitude, just like you would in 15Five's app.

Now you can recognize your teammates without ever leaving MS Teams! 



If you have been waiting for a Workday integration, the wait is over! Even better, you have the power to help us fine tune the Workday integration during this Early Adopter Program. If you are interested being an Early Adopter, reach out to your CSM or support@15five.com.

The Workday <> 15Five integration empowers HR to manage things like user provisioning, deprovisioning, or updates to employee data- without the help of IT or Security. Since the integration syncs automatically via SFTP, there is little to no management needed after initial enablement. 

15Five fields that can be automatically updated via the Workday integration are: 

  • employee_id
  • email
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • title
  • location
  • groups
  • reviewer_email or reviewer_id (reviewer_id is preferred)
  • deactivated_date (only used and populated for de-provisioning)

Set up the Workday integration

1️⃣ After your CSM or 15Five Support enables the Workday feature on the backend, an account admin needs to enable the Workday integration from the Integrations page in 15Five and follow the setup wizard. 

2️⃣ Once the Host, Username, and Password tokens are visible, it's time to pause on the 15Five side and pick things up in Workday.


3️⃣ A company admin will create a Custom Report in Workday.

  • You'll need an Integration System User (ISU) that’s part of an Integration System Security Group (ISSG). If neither exists, you'll need to create them.
  • The ISU will need to be exempt from password expirations.
  • The custom report previously created will need to be shared with this ISU.

4️⃣ The user creates the Outbound EIB and a Business Process Definition for the Integration. This is where you'll need the token details from 15Five.

5️⃣ Once everything in Workday is set up and saved, return to 15Five to complete the Workday integration and watch the syncing happen!

To learn more about using these integrations, see the below articles:

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