15Five Releases- September 24, 2020

Before September comes to a close, we've got two more releases ready to roll. If you use Slack + 15Five, we have one for you. If you plan on utilizing Engagement+ surveys, there's one for that too. Keep reading to learn about our last two releases for the quarter. 


Use the 15Five Home page in Slack 

We have a Slack integration- that is not news. But did you know that you can add the 15Five app to Slack? Even better, you can interact with various 15Five items from the 15Five Home page in Slack. 

From Slack regarding Home tabs for apps:
A Home tab is a persistent app space that can be enriched with intricate layouts and deep interactivity, and updated whenever the app wants.
First things first; add the 15Five app to your Slack app.  If your company has the Slack integration enabled, you may still need to add the 15Five app to your Slack individually. The new 15Five Home tab in Slack serves as a one-stop-shop for all your 15Five tasks.

What does the 15Five Home page look like and what actions can you take?

The Home tab contains: My 15Fives with the due date of your upcoming 15Five, Your Team's 15Fives that are ready for review (if applicable) Your Priorities, Your current Objectives, your 1-on-1 action items, any Best-Self Review actions that need to be completed, and more.
  • Use the 'Filter by' button at the top right to only show some of your 15Five items. 
  • To view all available actions for each item, use the '…' option to the right. 

The Messages tab contains: all Slack messages received regarding 15Five, as well as all Slack notifications that are enabled for your account

The About tab contains: all information about the 15Five app for Slack, including what information is shared and a list of 15Five Slack commands.




Improved Engagement+ survey experience

*Now introducinggggg*: An improved Engagement+ survey experience designed to increase confidence in anonymity and increase survey completion rate by improving the experience for anyone that is asked to complete a survey through 15Five.

New survey landing page

The survey landing page in 15Five is where all people are directed to before starting the Engagement+ survey. Before today's release, the landing page and the survey were one and the same. Now the landing page includes the estimated time to complete the survey, a detailed description of the anonymity settings, and an explanation of autosave. 

  • Estimated time to complete the survey: This reassures people that surveys can be completed quickly and won’t eat into the important work they need to do.
  • Due date of the survey: This reinforces when the survey needs to be completed by, helping to improve the completion rate.
  • Detailed description of confidentiality: This provides more details around the anonymity of Engagement+ surveys, leading to an increase in trust, completion rate, and honest answers.
  • Explanation of autosave and quick set reminders: This provides clarity on 15Five's autosave feature, allowing people to start the survey process and come back to it at any time. Also included is the ability to set a reminder, in case now isn’t a good time for the employee to complete the survey. Again, leading to an increase in completion rate. 



New filling out a survey experience 

We’ve made a number of changes to improve the experience of filling out an Engagement+ survey.

  • New progress bar: Encourages completion through transparency and progress tracking.
    • Yellow markers will appear in the progress bar for any questions that were skipped, allowing employees to quickly return to those questions at a later time.
  • New bigger buttons: Makes it easier for employees to select their answer and know which answers they have previously selected.
  • New autoscrolling: This means that the next question comes to you rather than having to continuously scroll as you answer questions.



New notification options

Finally, we added more notifications (Slack and in-app) to the Engagement+ survey set up process- managed by the account admin creating the survey. These new notification options ensure that no employee misses the opportunity to provide their engagement feedback. 




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