15Five Releases- October 29, 2020

Nothing says October like pumpkin spice, flannel shirts, and some spooktacular 15Five releases. For all you fall folks out there, allow us to add to your seasonal excitement!

Trends over time

A few weeks ago we released private manager assessment reporting as part of our larger 'Performance Measurements' project. Today we are releasing another option for reporting on private manager assessment answers- giving review administrators and managers insight into how answers are trending across multiple review cycles. 

Using the same 'Company's/Team's results' dashboard, the 'Trends over time' tab gives you into how each private manager assessment question is trending over time. By tracking answers for individuals or groups over time, review administrators and managers can understand trends in manager sentiment.

In order to view trends over time, select more than one review cycle using the 'Review cycles' dropdown. If you want to take things a step further, view trends over time for a few groups using the 'Groups' filter. You can also filter by answer to view "Yes", "No", etc answers only or click directly on the graph to filter by a specific answer. 



Company invite settings

We know that restricting access around who can invite people to 15Five is important for account administrators. By default (and the only option until today), anyone in 15Five can add new people to their account without an account administrator having to approve. This works fine for smaller companies or companies who allow their managers to add new people to 15Five, but isn't ideal for larger companies or account administrators who are limiting the number of 15Five individuals.
The new 'Company invite settings' release allows account administrators to manage who has permission to add people to their account, whether email invites should be sent for bulk imports, and what that email invite should say. Check it out on your 'Company settings' page!



Nested questions in Engagement+ Theme view

A little something for Engagement+ to make understanding your themes and their scores more straight forward- it's all about context when it comes to these Engagement+ scores. As an account administrator, when you view your company's Engagement+ survey results by 'Themes' you will now see an additional option. Instead of simply seeing the number of questions pertaining to that theme, you can view the questions themselves by clicking "View questions (#)". This will expand the questions that were included in the survey pertaining to the given theme. You can also jump to the 'Question details' page from this view by clicking on 'View details'.


Not only can you see the theme score, but you can understand what specific questions contributed to that theme score without having to switch to 'View by: Questions'. Spotting specific, themed questions with low or high scores just got a lot easier! 


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