Ask questions to my direct report or team

You're a a reviewer, meaning you have direct reports submitting Check-ins, and you want to ask those direct reports questions that apply to them. Your direct reports deserve to have fresh, applicable, and actionable questions on their Check-ins. This article will show you how to view past and upcoming questions and how to create questions for your direct reports, team, or hierarchy.

What questions have my direct reports been asked?

Check out your direct reports' profile pages, specifically the 'Activity' tab, to view past questions. Are the questions redundant? Are the questions all company-wide questions, with no group or individual questions in sight? Those are some things to think about as you view past questions. If you're ready to create a new question or manage existing questions, click Manage questions at the bottom left of the 'Questions asked' section.


What are the upcoming questions for my direct reports?

Check out the 'Question preview' page to view upcoming questions for your direct reports. Are the upcoming questions relevant? Do the upcoming questions provide you, as a reviewer, the insight you need to understand your direct report's work and engagement? Just a couple questions to think about as you digest the 'Question preview' page. Notice the Create a new question button at the top right of the page that allows you to add new questions for your people. Also, questions that you have permission to edit can be edited using the ... to the right of the question. 


Manage questions for your direct report(s) or team

There are multiple ways to get to the 'Manage questions' page. Using the two above methods, there are 'Manage questions' links.

On the top right of the 'Team's Check-ins' page there is also a 'Manage questions' tab. (Look to the far right.)


There is also a Check-in questions option in your Settings menu at the top right of your 15Five account.


Once you have found your way to the 'Manage questions' page, you can create a group or individual question. 



If you want to ask the same question to all of your direct reports, you will first want to create a group that includes all of your direct reports as members. If you want to ask a question to your hierarchy, we suggest adding all individuals within your hierarchy to a group as members. Once your group is set up, you can ask group questions.

1. Click on the orange Create a new question button at the top right of your 'Manage questions' page.


2. Select Group or Individual, depending on who you want the question to be sent to.


If you select Group, an additional drop-down menu will appear allowing you to choose which group the question is for. Only the groups that you are a group admin for or groups where all members are included in your hierarchy will appear here. This is where having a group with your direct reports and/or hierarchy comes in handy. 


3. Select a question type. Types Yes/No, Numerical, and Rating scale are all considered metric questions and allow you to pull Trend/Poll reports after answers have been submitted. Types Text and Question bank can be reported on in the Questions dashboard after answers have been submitted. To pull a question from the Question bank, select that option and a list of all available questions will appear. 


  • Text: These are regular plain text questions with no formatting.
  • *Yes/No: These questions are for simple Yes/No responses.
  • *Numerical: Metric questions are quantitative questions
  • *Rating scale: Rating scale questions allow you to ask questions where the answer format is a range of options.
  • Question bank: We provide a list of questions for you to ask your team so you can always keep your questions fresh.

Account administrators and reviewers can see data from company-wide metric questions. Reviewers will only be able to see data from their team's check-ins and anyone whose Check-ins they have access to view. There are no private answers for metric based questions.

*Metric questions (Yes/No, Numerical, Rating scale) are only available on 15Five Plus and Enterprise. With 15Five Plus and Enterprise Plans you can ask, measure, and manage just about anything you can think of for your team.

4. Decide whether you want the question to appear in every Check-in, on one Check-in only, or if you want to schedule the question to appear regularly on a weekly or monthly cadence. 


  • If you select Show in every Check-in, the question will appear on everyone's Check-ins for every period, regardless of their frequency.
  • If you select This is a one-time question, the question will be added to all currently open Check-ins. If someone has already submitted their current Check-in, the question will appear on their next Check-in and then disappear.
  • If you select Schedule this question, additional options will expand asking you how often you want the question to appear. Options include Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly.
  • Keep in mind your reporters' frequencies when you schedule questions. If everyone has different frequencies, it may be difficult to schedule questions on a bi-weekly or quarterly cadence for example. 

5. Check the settings for your question. Use the checkboxes if you want to make a question optional or only allow for one written answer. 


6. You're all done! Click Create new question to set the question live. 




Ask no more than 5 questions total (including company-wide) to keep Check-ins lightweight and true to their name.

Set up a question queue for your direct report(s) or team

1. Using the Settings menu at the top right of your 15Five account, click on Check-in questions.


2. Click on the 'Groups' or 'Individuals' tab, depending on what kind of a queue you want to create. If you are an account administrator, you will also see a Company-wide option. 


3. Find the name of the group (or individual) that you want to create a queue for and click on it. 


4. Click on Create a new question queue


5. Double check the group or person is correct. Screen_Shot_2021-04-13_at_11.04.56_AM.png


6. Select which method you plan to use to add questions to the queue. Options vary from a pre-made question queue, to a question bank where you pick which questions are included, or a fully custom question queue.


7. After your select how you want to add questions to the queue, additional options will appear. 


8. To add a question to the queue, click Ask. Questions that have been added will have a green check mark to the right of them.


9. Once you have made your selections, scroll to the bottom to view the total number of questions being asked and to review them.


10. Click Save to set your question queue live. 


11. Your questions page for the group will now look something like this. 




We recommend using 12 or more questions to start with. This allows a new question each week of the quarter. But you can add as many or as few as you like using the Question Bank integration or adding manually. Once you’ve chosen all your questions, remember to click Save to reveal your new question queue.

Video 🎥: Quick Win - Get To The Heart Of Matters

How to organize your question queue

  • To re-order your questions, simply drag-and-drop them (using the six dots to the left of the question) into the right position. Your “current” question cannot be changed - but if needed, you can edit this question to ensure you are asking the correct question first.
  • Once a question has been asked, it will automatically move to the bottom of the list after the Check-in period is complete and the next question will be displayed.
  • Remember - any changes you make to your queue will only take place after you click the Save Changes button.
  • Question queues are set to rotate automatically; i.e. once the question has been asked it moves to the bottom of the queue - similar to a music playlist. If you do not want these questions to repeat after rotating, click the ... icon to the right of your queue and Manage settings.


Manage your queue settings accordingly.


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