15Five Releases- November 12, 2020

Three releases are ready to roll this week. Small, but boy are they powerful!

Contextual Pulse for reviewers (and followers)

Reviewers and followers alike have access to view pulse scores and answers on check-ins. We all know that pulse answers are relative; relative to the person submitting the check-in. In an effort to make understanding pulse scores more individualized, there are some added enhancements to the Pulse section of check-ins.

When a reviewer or follower views the Pulse section of a check-in, they will not only see the current pulse score and comment, but the reporter's last five pulse answers, the average of those last five answers, and a statement regarding how the current pulse compares to their average answer. The additional context should empower reviewers to leave more meaningful and personalized feedback for each of their direct reports. It's time to demystify pulse answers! 



Optional questions in Best-Self Review®

Optional questions have existed for check-ins for a while and now they exist in Best-Self Review too! That's right. Review administrators can now ask optional questions in Best-Self Review question templates, further adding to the customization options we provide to make reviews work for all use cases. When creating or editing a question, click on'Show advanced options' and then use the 'Required question' toggle to make a question optional. 


Objectives on 15Five check-ins new look

On every 15Five check-in, you are asked to update your objectives: the status, the key result progress, and any comments. Physically recording progress and sharing progress (publicly or with teammates) also increases the likelihood of goal achievement. Updating objectives on a 15Five check-in wasn't as intuitive as we thought it should be, so we made some changes to the look and feel.


Now it is easy to see what fields need to be updated before you can submit your 15Five check-in, beginning with the status buttons and ending with key result updates. Research shows tracking progress towards a goal can have a positive impact on goal achievement. In other words, the ability to see the distance remaining from the goal is crucial for goal setting to work. So we made starting, target, and current values are more visible. We made sure progress is clearly displayed when the 15Five check-in is submitted. All in all, this release makes it easier for reporters and reviewers alike to update and monitor progress on objectives. 


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