15Five Releases- December 1, 2020

We're ready to finish out the year strong; by strong we mean with lots of fantastic releases. We aren't slowing down. Let's start with the first release of December. 

Workday import summaries

Account administrators using 15Five’s Workday integration need to understand the details of successful/unsuccessful imports, including why data wasn't successfully imported. This information is important to maintain up to date profiles for all people using 15Five. These two sentences are precisely why we developed this release. The new enhancement to our Workday integration allows account administrators to see the details of all imports, as well as download CSV files of each import not older than 30 days.

As Workday imports are automatically synced. via SFTP, import logs are created. Import logs will show how many errors the import had, how many people were imported, and how many profiles were updated. Possible errors include: missing/invalid emails, invalid due days, invalid file, reviewer email not found, or unknown timezone. 


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