15Five Releases- November 19, 2020

Today is all about quantity, without sacrificing any quality. We have three new releases for you spanning multiple 15Five features. Check them out. Something you've been waiting on might be included... 

'Manage questions' for reviewers

Research has brought to light that reviewers need additional touch points to help them manage questions for their people; reviewers meaning people with direct reports. Before today's release, reviewers and account administrators could only manage questions by going to Settings>>>15Five questions>>>Manage questions, which wasn't ideal. If reviewers are interacting with 15Fives by reviewing them, why not provide another pathway to manage questions?! After some testing, we found a few ways that make creating and managing questions for reviewers easier.

Reviewers now see see a 'Manage questions' button at the top right of their 'Team's 15Fives' page. 

Reviewers also see a new option in the Features>>>15Fives menu in their left navigation called 'Manage questions'.


The last change as a result of this release is the look of the 'Add a new question' modal. Some buttons have been moved around, there are new checkboxes, and new formatting, making the flow more intuitive. 



Private Manager Assessment reporting: New ‘View by’ option in Compare Groups

There is a new option in town for Private Manager Assessment reporting titled 'View by'. The 'View by' option might be familiar to you if you use our Reporting feature. Now, on the Compare Groups tab in Private Manager Assessment reporting there is a 'View by' option just to the left of the 'Sort by' option. This new option allows review administrators and managers (if they have multiple levels under them) to compare groups visually based on Managers, Hierarchies, and Group Types.

If viewing by 'Managers' for example, a list of all managers would appear in the Compare Groups chart allowing review admins to understand which managers are leading teams with high engagement and performance. 



Manager access for Engagement+ results

For HR leaders, communicating the results of Engagement+ surveys to specific managers is very important, but would be easier if managers had their own access to the results for their team. Before today, HR folks had to resort to sharing either screenshots or downloads since managers lacked visibility into their team and hierarchy's results.

Yes AND the fact that managers are typically tasked with taking action to increase engagement is why we are releasing an option for manager access to Engagement+ results. 


Account administrators can set viewing permissions when creating an Engagement+ survey. If the settings allow, managers will see a Results page for the Engagement+ survey, similar to what account administrators see but with less visibility. Managers can only see the results for their team and/or hierarchy, not for the entire company. Remember that in order for results to populate, at least 5 submissions must be made.

Filters for managers include their immediate direct reports and hierarchy.


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