Meet the team

Our Customer Support family is made up of nine folks on specialized teams spanning the United States. No matter your problem, one of our world-class teammates is here to help.

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Our team mission and values

In addition to 15Five's overall mission and values, our team developed a mission statement and set of values that we live and work by.

Our Mission:
"We build connections between people and information through expert knowledge and love. We do this, fearlessly, to empower humans and organizations in pioneering their own best-self journeys."

Our Values:
We come as we are (and invite you to do the same).
We support Support.
We are human ambassadors.
We are fearlessly curious.
We are committed to mastery.
We play and have fun.

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Meet the team

Keep reading to check out each teammate's "support superpower"- the thing they do best in support- in addition to their top Gallup strengths and pronouns. We'll see you online!

Customer Support Specialists


Cassandra Beck (She/Her), Support Team Lead

Support superpower: Creating simple, yet detailed, resources, trainings, and processes that constantly up-level our team.

Top Gallup strengths: Achiever, Responsibility, Intellection, Discipline, Developer


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Simone Hernandez (She/Her), Customer Support Specialist

Support superpower: Balancing a strong technical knowledge with a friendly disposition to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Top Gallup strengths: Relator, Empathy, Harmony, Developer, Responsibility



Jacob Rust (He/Him), Customer Support Specialist

Support superpower: Zeroing in on exactly what a customer is trying to do and offering simple, impactful solutions. (Sidenote: he's also hilarious.)

Top Gallup strengths: Achiever, Futuristic, Adaptability, Positivity, Empathy



Jesse Welch (He/Him), Customer Support Specialist

Support superpower: Persistence- a drive to not only know the "what" of any given issue but also the "why".

Top Gallup strengths: Strategic, Learner, Futuristic, Analytical, Input


Customer Support Escalations


Maura Housley (She/Her), Escalations Team Lead

Support superpower: Strategic problem-solving- her deep technical understanding of 15Five enables her to not only resolve complex issues but also to help customers get the most out of our product.

Top Gallup strengths: Strategic, Responsibility, Learner, Intellection, Input



Kristin Reynolds (She/Her), Customer Support Escalations Specialist

Support superpower: A sincere love for people and knowledge. She can identify, explain, and resolve technical issues all while building lasting relationships with our customers.

Top Gallup strengths: Communication, Input, Positivity, Maximizer, Learner


Knowledge and Education


Courtney Yazzie (She/Her), Senior Knowledge and Education Manager

Support superpower: Knowing 15Five inside and out and sharing her knowledge to help set our team and our customers up for success. Anytime something changes in 15Five, she is teaching us all.

Top Gallup strengths: Learner, Relator, Responsibility, Consistency, Individualization




Meilena Hauslendale (She/Her), Customer Support Operations Manager

Support superpower: Combining her technical know-how with a deep understanding of our team to develop tools and processes that make us as effective as possible.

Top Gallup strengths: Relator, Strategic, Belief, Adaptability, Connectedness




Chelsea Margolies (She/Her), Director of Customer Support

Support superpower: Creating and fostering a culture of humanness in which each individual gets to operate as their authentic self and thrive.

Top Gallup strengths: Connectedness, Activator, Restorative, Input, Command


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