15Five Releases- December 17, 2020

It's the most wonderful time of the year! These releases are here to bring some additional joy.  

Drawers in 15Fives Reporting

We provide quite a few metrics throughout 15Fives reporting. The metrics are helpful from a high level, but context is still key. This release provides additional insight into those metrics by allowing account administrators and managers to see the specifics of the submitted and reviewed 15Fives metrics.

For example: A reporter has submitted 5 out of 10 15Five check-ins. That's only a 50% submission rate. You have more questions. Which five were submitted? The first five, the latest five, or a mix? Out of the ones that have been submitted, were they reviewed? Which ones? Great questions. We are here to help you fully understand the metrics and act on them.

Submitted and Reviewed 15Fives report

As of today, when you click on any individual’s row in a Submitted 15Fives report, a drawer will open on the right of your screen and you’ll see:

  • Reporter's name and reviewer's name
  • All 15Five check-ins that fall into the selected timeframe (based on due date) and whether those check-ins were submitted or not
  • Hover over any green check mark to see when the 15Five check-in was submitted, if the check-in was skipped for vacation, and even if the reporter started a draft without submitting
  • Reviewed status of included 15Fives, including if the reviewer started reviewing without actually marking as reviewed
  • Options to contact (via custom email) the reporter or their reviewer


As of today, when you click on any individual’s row in a Reviewed 15Fives report, a drawer will open on the right of your screen and you’ll see:

  • Reviewer's name and their reviewer's name
  • Number of direct reports
  • Each direct report's name, reviewed count, and review rate 
    • The count and review rate are based on the total number of submitted 15Five check-ins per direct report
  • Options to contact (via custom email) the reviewer or their reviewer


These new drawers enable you to personalize your communication based on the specifics when contacting reporters or reviewers. Ultimately, understanding of submission/review trends allows reviewers and account administrators to assist each person in overcoming roadblocks. 

View by Groups reporting

Don’t worry- we didn't forget about group metrics either. When viewing a Submitted or Reviewed 15Fives report by group, click on any group’s row to understand:

  • Total number of people in the group, breakdown of reporters and reviewers in the group, and the group admin
  • Each member of the group
  • For Submitted 15Fives report: each individual's submission rate, as well as how many of their 15Fives have been reviewed.
  • For Reviewed 15Fives report: each reviewer's number of direct reports, as well as their review rate
  • Options to contact the reviewers in the group or all group members

Questions details report

Finally, there is a new drawer available in the Questions report: Answers. Click 'View answers' to the right of the question that you want to see answers for. Once viewing all answers, click on any one answer to see another drawer open and interact with that answer.


Like, comment, or view the entire 15Five from this drawer! Quickly move from answer to answer using the 'view next answer' link. Now you can hammer out comment after comment on a particular question. 

Give these new drawers a shot next time you are diving into 15Fives reporting. Numbers don't always paint the full picture, but this release should fill in some of the gaps. 


Notification management

Do you crave fewer notifications for you and your company? If the answer is "yes", you're going to appreciate this release.

As an account administrator, protecting people's time and attention is important. With this release, account administrators now have control over which notifications are enabled for their organization. In other words, account administrators can now enable/disable all emails that are sent from 15Five on a company level. Individuals can still manage their own notifications from the 'My notifications' page. The options that appear on each individual's notifications page is determined by which emails the account administrators have enabled/disabled on a company level. If an account administrator disables a notification, individuals will not have the ability to turn the notification on/off.


If your company already had notifications that were enabled/disabled prior to this release with help from 15Five Support or your CSM, those notification settings will be reflected on your 'Notifications' page in app. Further modifications to notifications can now be made without leaving 15Five. 


Emoji reactions

Using a heart emoji to "like" an answer or comment isn't always fitting; sometimes a thumbs up or a serious face is more accurate. With this emoji reactions release, people will be able to react to items on a 15Five check-in with any emoji, instead of the current ❤️/like only. It is important that we provide flexibility in reactions to ensure reporters feel seen and heard.


Multiple emojis can be used to react to an item and you can see who left each reaction by hovering over the emoji. Last but not least, reporting dashboards that include metrics on “likes” will now include metrics based on “reactions”. Time to express yourself!


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