15Five Releases- December 3, 2020

You thought we were kidding when we said December wouldn't slow us down. Here we are again, sharing another great release with you!

Salesforce integration for Objectives

Do you ever wish you could link your key results to Salesforce reports and have the key results update automatically? If you said "YES", your wish is our command! 

Salesforce is the world's #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Salesforce helps marketing, sales, commerce, service and IT teams work as one from anywhere. The 15Five + Salesforce integration reduces duplicate work by enabling teams to link their key results to Salesforce and have progress automatically updated in 15Five as updates are made in the Salesforce report. 

First, a 15Five account administrator needs to enable the Salesforce integration. Once the integration is enabled, anyone at the company can use the integration to link key results to a public Salesforce report.


Steps for linking a key result to a Salesforce report include: creating or editing an objective and key result, linking a key result to Salesforce, searching for keywords to find the desired Salesforce report, and deciding what report value to measure the key result by. After linking the key result to Salesforce, 15Five will automatically update the key result's progress based on progress made in Salesforce.

No more manually updating key results in 15Five after updating the corresponding Salesforce report! Now project managers, teams, and leadership can stay up-to-date on key projects without leaving 15Five. After all, 15Five is where all the important conversations around performance are happening. 


For more information on the above release, see these Success Center articles:


Link key results to Salesforce reports

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