Respond to optional Engagement+ feedback

✍️ Note: 15Five will be sunsetting our Engagement+ product in the middle of 2022 and replacing it fully with our new Engage feature (powered by Emplify, a 15Five brand). During this time we are no longer supporting Engagement+. If you're a new customer looking to launch an engagement survey for your organization, please click here to access information about our updated Engage feature.

First things first, you're an account administrator. When you set up an Engagement+ survey for your company, you enabled the optional question feedback setting. People then left optional feedback and submitted their surveys. What are the next steps in ensuring this feedback is heard and people feel acknowledged, while still maintaining a high level of psychological safety? You've come to the right place to get that answer.

Respond to optional Engagement+ feedback

1. Click on Engagement+ from the left navigation.


2. You'll end up on the 'Surveys' tab.


3. Under 'Active surveys' or 'Ended surveys', click on either ... and View survey details or View results to the right of the survey you want to view results for.


4. Once you have made it to the survey results page, click on Themes.


5. Themes whose questions have confidential feedback attached will have a speech bubble icon to the right of View questions and Theme details


6. Click View questions to expand the list of questions and see which ones include feedback.


7. From the questions list, click on View details or the chat bubble icon for the specific question that contains confidential feedback.


8. You will end up on the 'Question details' page. This page contains all answers for the question at hand, plus a section at the bottom of the page titled 'Additional feedback'.


9. Click Respond to the right of the feedback that you would like to reply to and write your response. If the feedback does not have a Respond option to the right, that means the survey participant is not accepting responses and wanted their feedback to be delivered without additional replies OR that you have already responded to the optional feedback.Screen_Shot_2021-04-21_at_3.57.36_PM.png



Before you reply, check out this note regarding confidentiality and psychological safety.


11. When you're finished with your response, click Post response.


12. You, and all other account administrators, will be able to refer back to your response from the 'Question details' page at anytime. Managers can see responses, if survey settings allow, but managers will never be able to respond to feedback. 


13. The survey participant who left feedback will receive an in-app notification alerting them of your response. 

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