15Five Releases- January 12, 2021

If you like releases that help you better understand your people, you're gonna love these two releases. Starting with a way for survey participants to leave additional, anonymous feedback in addition to their rating answers and ending with a new Engagement+ DEI template.

Optional question feedback

The goal with any Engagement+ survey is to gain understanding of your people—their needs/expectations and their level of engagement. One thing that stood in the way of deeply understanding your people via Engagement+ surveys was the lack of an additional feedback option for each question.

  • What's the context behind that “Strongly agree” or “Strongly disagree” answer?
  • What made the survey participant choose one opinion scale choice over another?

Questions like these ultimately provide insight into how can you help improve people's experience at work.

We also know that confidentiality is an extremely important part of Engagement+ surveys. Confidentiality was top of mind for this release and will continue to be top of mind for future enhancements. The good news... Understanding context and maintaining confidentiality, do not have to be mutually exclusive.

With all of that said, we’re delighted to introduce optional question feedback on Engagement+ survey questions! Optional question feedback allows survey participants to not only answer the question, but provide additional context in a text field below their answer. First account administrators need to enable the optional question feedback setting when creating a survey. Then any person participating in filling out the survey can provide more context to their answer(s) or provide direct feedback on questions anonymously.


Account administrators, and managers if visibility settings allow, are able to view all the feedback collected per question through the Engagement+ results. If the survey participant opted-in to allowing a response, account administrators can respond to the feedback appropriately. 




The identity of the survey participant is hidden throughout this entire process. For psychological safety reasons, it is important that account administrators and managers do not try to identify the person behind the feedback.

DEI Foundations template for Engagement+

Developed with the help of  Dr. Lindy Greer, Associate Professor of Management and Organizations at the University of Michigan, and inspired by Wharton Professor, Stephanie Creary’s MERIT Framework for Valuing DEI Work, 15Five’s DEI Foundations template for Engagement+ provides HR leaders with a science-driven measure to more accurately assess diversity, equity and inclusion as a core part of the organization's strategy. 

15Five’s DEI Foundations survey template helps HR leaders create the critical foundation for long-term, sustainable, and effective DEI efforts through a baseline measurement of diversity, equity and inclusion that’s deeply embedded in their organization's core strategy. 

This template is now available to all 15Five customers through the Engagement+ feature. 

Blog post 📝: How To Create A Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Culture


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