15Five Releases- January 28, 2021

Comin' to you live with a couple of small updates to Objectives Dashboard—thanks to your wonderful feedback!

Objectives Dashboard updates

Better charts

We’ve updated the charts on Objectives Dashboard to clearly differentiate between past and current statuses, and future projections. This small change makes it easier to monitor current objectives' progress. Future status projections are less saturated in color and will be updated when that week or month comes around. 

Better metrics

We’ve updated the metrics so that they actually reflect today’s data. Prior to today's update, the metrics on the dashboard reflected the last day an objective is due. Ending charts with this latest possible due date caused more confusion than it was worth, especially if there were only one or two objectives with different end dates. Now we always show the metrics starting on today’s date (unless your dates are custom). This makes understanding objectives' recent and current percentage changes more clear.


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