15Five Releases- February 18, 2021

Name one thing better than a 15Five release about understanding performance... we'll wait. In the meantime, here is a 15Five release about understanding performance!

Talent Matrix

Talent Matrix is a new, flexible Best-Self Review® tool that utilizes answers from the private manager assessment to help managers and review administrators understand the performance distribution of their people. In other words, Talent Matrix is a slick new way to understand who the high, medium, and low performers are at your company.

Blog post 📝: 15Five’s Talent Matrix Helps HR Leaders Make Fair and Objective Talent Decisions at Scale


This release is not to be confused with 9-box ratings that are filled with bias and reduce growth mindset by assessing potential. Talent Matrix, when used alongside the private manager assessment, reduces rater bias for a more fair and objective assessment of performance data and promotion readiness. It's like the best of both worlds: science backed rating-ish visual. 

In order to use Talent Matrix, you need a review cycle with manager reviews included that is in progress or has ended. If you've made it that far, you're more than half way there! As review results are shared, Talent Matrix data will become available.

As soon as the first review is shared, you will see a new section titled Talent Matrix (shown above) on the Team's or Company's results pages. Talent Matrix is available to both managers and review administrators. Questions for the x and y axis are based on the private manager assessment questions. Yes, even custom private manager assessment questions (as long as they are yes/no or opinion scale) will appear here.

After you select your questions you're ready to dig into your high, medium, and low performers using the beautiful matrix! Hover over each avatar to see the names of participants who are in each box. You can also download a CSV or XLSX to see the selected private manager assessment questions and answers or hover over "# participants" at the bottom of the matrix to see the names of participants whose results have not been shared and therefore are not appearing in the matrix.

A few use cases for Talent Matrix:

  • After seeing where the high, medium, and low performers are across the company, you may notice recalibration needs to happen before review results are finalized. 
  • Use the 'People' filter at the top of the page + Talent Matrix to understand how well orgs, departments, groups, teams are performing.
  • Hold trainings for people who are good teammates, but at risk for low performance.
  • More use cases can be found in this article

Engagement+ text answers included in downloads

It's a good day for another Engagement+ release. Though it may seem minor, this is a major win. Text questions in Engagement+ surveys are now included in downloads. Now you can pull and analyze all Engagement+ data, which is especially helpful for questions with insightful, contextual answers. 

0-10 scale for Engagement+ custom questions

Or should we say two Engagement+ releases. Today we are introducing a 0-10 scale question for custom questions which expands the opportunities and can be used as a workaround for customers who want to ask an eNPS question.

Though Engagement+ is not recommended for eNPS surveys, we feel it important to allow you to collect that data quantitatively. Ultimately enabling you to download the data and aggregate the results outside of 15Five.


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