View reviews as an additional manager

If a review administrator adds you as an additional manager for a review cycle or if an account administrator adds you as an additional manager for all review cycles, you will have visibility into reviews for someone other than your direct report(s). This additional visibility is helpful if you are a new manager to someone participating in a cycle or you are a dotted line manager to a participant. Ultimately, additional managers has 'view only' access to review results for the participant(s) they are an additional manager for. 

After you have been notified that you are an additional manager, you can view all submitted reviews for the participant, including private manager assessment answers. 

View reviews as an additional manager

1. Click on Best-Self Review® in the left navigation of 15Five.


2. From the 'Review cycles' tab, click on the active cycle that you're working on.


3. From the 'Overview' tab, you will see a filter with options Me, My team, My hierarchy, and Everyone. Depending on your role and the visibility settings for the cycle, you may not see My hierarchy, and Everyone.


4. Select the My team option.


5. Scroll down to 'Cycle participants' section. You will notice an icon in the manager column if a participant has an additional manager. The additional manager is likely you!


6. Click the name of the participant whose reviews you want to view as their additional manager.


7. You will see all submitted self, manager, peer and upward reviews. If the summary has already been shared, you will also be able to view that tab. 


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